Message from Cabinet: Discernment over the Issue of Disaffiliation


It has come to the attention of the Appointive Cabinet that as some of our congregations consider discernment over the issue of disaffiliation there are two speculative narratives being put forth that are patently false.  

The first is that there is some movement within The United Methodist Church to jettison our historic Christian faith. This is untrue. The United Methodist Church is grounded in the historic Christian faith and there is no such movement, and moreover, if there were, there is no real path to amend these beliefs.

The second narrative is that if churches do not disaffiliate now they would be unable to do so later if there were to be substantial changes at the denominational level. The cabinet has always been committed to enabling an ‘exiting’ strategy for congregations whose overwhelming desire is to leave The United Methodist Church. There are long-standing provisions in the Book of Discipline that allow us to do so.

As a cabinet, we do caution healthy congregations with diverse views on making a decision to pursue disaffiliation. We have observed that such decisions inevitably weaken the congregation and, far more grievously, the cause of Christ it represents. Before beginning the process of discernment, we urge our churches to contact their District Superintendent so that prayerfully and together we might understand the present issues that are before your church. We are committed to an open, transparent process that welcomes truth, substantiated in fact, that allows faithful decisions to be made.

We continue to be grateful for the many expressions of faithful witness through the United Methodist churches of the North Georgia Conference.

⁠—The Appointive Cabinet of the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church