Message from Keith Cox Regarding Conference Fund Balances


I have received several emails from folks pointing toward individuals' social media posts relating to North Georgia Conference "reserves" (fund balances) and wondering if the posts are accurate in their assertions.

It is important for North Georgia United Methodists to know that ALL of our salient financial information is posted publicly. It is in the pre-Annual Conference Handbook, Journal, website, and beyond. Further, the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA), the Conference Board of Trustees (CBOT), and the Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits (CBOPHB) are fully engaged and informed about every material matter related to Conference finance and administration.

Social media posts from a few individuals about our reserves have been addressed repeatedly, including verbally at the Annual Conference session. The posts fit the definition of "specious" and are designed to paint the Conference in a negative light. 

Page 504 of the 2021 Annual Conference Journal provides a snapshot of these fund balances. Feel free to review it. The same page was included in the Handbook prior to AC2021. The archived Trustees Report video at Annual Conference provides similar info. As an aside, the reason for the major increase from 2019 to 2020 is the sale of closed church properties with the funds being invested with the Barnes Fund for Church Development. That is reflected in the report.

Rest assured, NO financial issue is hidden, misreported, misclassified, or performed "in the shadows". EVERY salient financial matter is handled in the open, transparently, and with full disclosure by those Boards and Committees charged with administering those aspects of the Conference.

—Keith Cox, North Georgia Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services