Connect with Ashley Jenkins: Ministerial Services


Fun Fact:

I love to paint. Often times I will get paint on my hands and arms. I will forget about the paint and walk around with a variety of paint colors all over my hands and arms. 

As the Associate Director for Vocational Discernment, what can you offer to local churches?
My role in the Conference is to talk about calling and ordination. I meet with individuals feeling a call from God to be in ministry. I can meet individually, teach a Bible Study, work with committees, or preach about calling. I can help resource churches and individuals that are hearing the call from God to do something! I also coordinate our Candidacy Summits, coordinate seminary visits, train mentors, and answer questions about the Candidacy process. 
What do you most enjoy about your role in the Conference Office of Ministerial Services?
I think everyone has a calling! You might be called to full time ordained ministry or you might be called to being a wonderful lay person active in ministry in the church and world. I love to hear people’s story of calling in their lives. I consider it a sacred moment to be able to hear how God is working in the lives of United Methodist all over North Georgia! Each and every person has been gifted by God for ministry. I think the church’s greatest resources are the people. Look around you church and see how many different gifts God has given to those around you. 
What trait do you bring to this position that you wish all churches knew about?
I love meeting and being with people. As a natural extrovert, I love being fully present with those who I am in conversation. I love working our candidates for ministry and meeting with folks all around North Georgia!
How do people arrange to meet with you?
Be sure to reach out to me! You can call me at 678.533.1371 or email me at  I am happy to travel to your church to lead a Bible Study, work with committees, and preach about calling.  I look forward to meeting you!
What are your top 5 recommended resources?

  1. - This North Georgia website shares stories of calling and gives detail about the ordination process.
  2. - This United Methodist website offers resources and ideas when you hear the voice of God calling you into ordained ministry.
  3. - Seminary can be expense.  The United Methodist Church wants to offer help!  Check out this website for scholarships and loans.
  4. - Did you know that the United Methodist Church has ministries on college campuses in Georgia?  Check out this website for more information.
  5.  - I am part of this group of women who connect and support one another.  They offer resources for women in the process of ordination and support women along the way.