Reach Out and Love Your Neighbor: Bishop Sue Participates in Multi-Faith Prayer Gathering


Bishop Sue greets Imam Salah Wazir, Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory,  and Rabbi Scott Colbert. Photo: Rev. Joseph McBrayer

In the spirit of "sharing the journey together," Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson took part in an interfaith community prayer gathering at the Clarkston Community Center this week. The event focused on refugees and migrants and called participants to "Reach Out. Love Your Neighbor."

Speakers challenged the participants to, "Not just see but to look. Not just to hear but to listen. Not just to meet and pass by but to stop and encounter." 

Bishop Sue offered a prayer:

"Scripture tells us that every human being is entitled to a place and a name. ... A place where they are safe, a place where they can raise their families in peace, a place where they are known and loved, a place where their gifts can be used to their fullest, a place where they can build generation upon generation, a place they can call their own. ... O God, we beg of you, that you will empower us, encourage us, and give us courage to speak--so that all your children may have a place and a name. Amen."

In addition to Bishop Sue, speakers included Bishop Victor Atta-Baffoe, Anglican Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana; Bishop Robert Wright, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta; Imani Salah Wazir, Masjid Al-Momineen; Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta; and Rabbi Scott Colbert, Temple Emanu-EL, Atlanta. 

See photos from the prayer gathering.