Real Estate Matters: FAQ


The North Georgia Conference has had several questions related to church real estate recently. Here are answers to a few FAQs.

Is there a process for selling church property?
The process of selling church property is defined in the Book of Discipline.

Is there a particular real estate company we should use?
Any church choosing to sell property can use any real estate company of its choosing. 

What instances are included in the property management agreement between the Conference and The Norton Group? 
This is a limited agreement that only applies to the sale of closed church properties that have been deeded to the Conference Board of Trustees. (Read the May 2017 Q&A about the agreement)

Can my church use The Norton Group?
Yes. Any church choosing to sell property is welcome to use Norton, or any other real estate company. However, please note, Norton has no agreement to handle local church property matters beyond the one instance listed above.