Renfro Trust Grant Reinstated for 2017


After temporarily being unavailable last year, the Renfro Trust Grant has been reinstated for 2017. It provides an excellent opportunity for small churches in rural communities.

The Renfro Trust Grant was established in the 1950s from the estate of Judge William E. Renfro and his wife. As an expression of his love for his wife, and his love of the Methodist Church, Renfro left his entire estate to be administered within the bounds of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the Methodist Church for the establishment of new churches, particularly within rural areas.
The Renfro Grant continues to bless United Methodist churches throughout the Southeastern Jurisdiction each year. Churches in rural communities (population of 10,000 or less) can apply for the Renfro Grant. The grant funds are “for the purpose of establishing and supporting United Methodist Churches in rural areas.” The funds can be used for repairs required to maintain the church’s structural integrity or for major equipment – especially those described as “unusual and challenging for which insufficient funds are available from other local sources.”
More details and an application form can be found on the Southeastern Jurisdiction website.