Rev. Kim Uses Gift of Creativity Serving New Chinese Congregation


Rev. Hyo Kim serves part-time as Associate Director of Congregational Development focused on Korean Church Development and part-time he serves at McKendree UMC in Lawrenceville and John Wesley UMC in Norcorss. In June he became pastor of the new Chinese United Methodist congregation at McKendree.

Kim, who's first language is Korean, doesn't speak Chinese, but he communicates with the congregation and preaches with the help of a translator and technology.

Kim showed his depth of flexibility recently when the translator was unable to attend Sunday worship. Instead of live translation, Kim wrote his message on Power Point slides and the translator typed the translation ahead of time for the congregation to read. 

"Hyo's engineering background always comes into play in the way he seeks to solve problems," said Rev. Dr. Phil Schroeder, Director of Congregational Development. "In the spirit of Pentecost, Hyo has found a way for each to hear in their own native language."

Kim says there are many translation tools that, while imperfect, may help diverse congregations overcome a language barrier and offer flexibility in multi-lingual settings. He has even used a lip-sync tool to make translated message more accessible and interesting. 

There is no tool quite so powerful as creativity and being open to share the good news of Christ with all people.