Run Your Race: Four Cascade Youth Complete Triathlon


Four youth from Cascade UMC in Atlanta spent this summer training for their first Triathlon. They competed in the event on August 26 and all made it across the finish line! All four of these youth also serve as acolytes and are active in Young People’s Division at their church.

Madison Alsobrook, Nadia Baker and Matthew Hodges each swam 200 yards, biked six miles and ran one mile to complete the race. Dylan Alsobrook, the youngest of the group, swam 100 yards, biked three miles and ran one-half mile to complete his age division.

Mom, Nikki Baker, says what impressed her is the analogy of training for this race and our Christian walk. Each of these kids had to learn to put off those things that were hindrances and run the race before them.

"They learned to pace themselves as the swiftest does not always finish in the long haul," she said.

Nadia said she had to continually tell her body to keep going even though she felt like quitting.

"The life and spiritual metaphors abound!" said Nikki. "It is my hope that this physical race transfers to spiritual life lessons for these young people."