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Every Church Encouraged to Send a Team to the Worship Design Conference


This year's North Georgia Annual Conference emphasized the importance of preparation, spending time in prayer and with scripture, and collaboration in worship planning. It was inspiring and challenging and led the Conference to seek experts in worship planning to teach us more. 

That's where the November 4 Worship Design Conference comes in. Your church is strongly encouraged to send a team to this one-day event. 

The Worship Design Conference will be led by Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions. A worship designer who got his start at Ginghamsberg Church in Ohio, Moore was part of the team who saw the transformation of Ginghamsburg into the growing, thriving church it is today. His experience led him to want to share.  worship planner who got his start at Ginghamsberg Church in Ohio. He was part of the team who saw the transformation of Ginghamsburg into the growing, thriving church it is today. His experience led him to want to share. 

"God put on my heart that this was replicable in small and mid-sized churches," he says. "I'm a big believer that any church that chooses to be intentional in how we worship will see fruits from that effort." 

This event will focus on creativity and context in worship planning.

"Far too often churches are using an outdated paradigm," Moore said. "Worship feels disconnected with the current time and space."

His passion is to help churches to be creative and, for more than a decade, Moore has worked with congregations ranging from 30 or 40 people to mega-churches.

"We have a direct link to the creator. Church should be the most creative place on the planet," said Moore.

The event is sponsored by the North Georgia Conference and will be hosted by one of North Georgia's most creative congregations, Impact in East Point. 

"This workshop is designed to spiritually transform your church's worship experience, positively transforming the lives of the believers of your congregation, resulting in increased church attendance," said Dr. Charles K. Flack, a layperson on the planning committee who serves on Impact's team. "This event isn't about technology, it's about the culture we create in worship. I hope every person who attends is empowered to think about how we deliver the life-transformational gospel of Jesus Christ."  

The day will be divided into three sessions, starting with worship and ending in application. 

Registration is now open. The cost is $50 per person. With a group of 5 or more from your church, the cost goes down to $40 per person. Students may register for $30 with a valid student idea.

Learn more and register at http://www.ngumc.org/worshipdesignconference2017.

Important Details


Impact UMC 
2323 Sylvan Road
East Point, GA 30344 

Date and Time
November 4, 2017
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend
All who are involved in worship are encouraged to register for the Creative Worship Conference on November 4. This event is about crafting meaningful, transformative worship experiences that last beyond Sunday. It is for churches of any size, with traditional or contemporary services, and is best experienced as a team.


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