Send Me! Where to Help After Completing UMCOR ERT Training


Hundreds of North Georgia United Methodists have gotten certified as UMCOR Emergency Response Team members this winter. For those with new ERT badges and others who'd like to serve their neighbors, there is great need. We checked in with Rev. Scott Parrish, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator to find out "what next"?

While there's not any early stage response, there are plenty of opportunities to help others, to get experience as a team, and to help with later stage Disaster Response.

Assess your team skills and interests and check out for the direct contacts. 

For instance, as team leader you could go to the Florida Conference website,  sign up there to make your team available, and get in the queue. 

Later stage work like sheetrock and general skills are needed in North Carolina. They are two years into hurricane recovery, and have really strong Disaster Response structure after 20 years of repeated disasters. There you'd experience some of the best of Disaster Response. In particular, my friends at Lumberton are exceptional, and you could either mention their location or make yourselves available to go anywhere in NC conference. 

The conference that is the site of the disaster "owns it" and coordinates all the response. Gaining experience in these more settled times with this will benefit your team when the more rapid response is required. Oh, and some of these may not require everyone on a team to be badged, so it can also be a way to engage others and grow a team.

Note that you can sign up for newsletters from both & & that's an excellent way to continue to get info. We'll only send out an email to North GA ERTs occasionally- when there is a need or call for deployment- but we also have a weekly update from NGUMC where we share info. Sign up at For instance, check out this story about Lumberton,

—Rev. Scott Parrish