Sign Up For A Free Personal Pension/Benefits Consultation at Pastor's School


Do you wonder if you're putting enough in your pension? Or too much? Or how you would know the difference?

Are you concerned about having a roof over your head after you retire?  Or whether you can attend both the Tony Awards and the Oscars in the same year?

Serving part-time and wondering if you'll have anything in the piggy bank for your years of service, once you retire?

Do you wonder if you're putting enough in your United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP)?  What is the maximum allowed?  Can I "catch up" now for contributions I didn't make when I was younger?

Should I be making a Roth contribution?  Do I know what Roth is? 

The answers to these and other similar questions may be found by learning more about how your personal pension plan and contributions are working for you now -- and seeing how small changes might make big differences years from now.
One new service we will offer during Pastor's School this year is free confidential personal benefit consultations. Two Benefits Educators with Wespath (formerly the General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits) will be at the 2017 Georgia Pastor's School meeting at Epworth By The Sea. They will offer private 25-minute consultations. Sign up ahead of time, and they'll bring a Retirement Benefits Projection specifically designed for your particular situation to give you. If your spouse is at Pastor's School, bring them to the consultation!

 To sign up, just click this link, and it'll take you to our sign up form.