Photo Taken at Central UMC Atlanta Among Winners of Smithsonian Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest


Among the winners of Smithsonian Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest is a photograph taken on the campus of Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta.

The photograph is of one woman in a chair, waiting for her polling place inside the church to open. The location is especially poignant because Central UMC has a strong tradition and ministry around the support of voting rights. 

Smithsonian Magazine explains:
On assignment for an Amsterdam newspaper to document the November 2022 midterm elections in the United States, Rory Doyle, 39, headed out before sunrise and came across this lone citizen, who was quietly determined to exercise her fundamental right to vote. She arrived at her polling place even before it opened. “The narrative of the lack of care or the lack of participation gets more attention than people who are willing to literally bring a chair and a book before the sun is up,” Doyle says.

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