Spiritual Life Retreats Encouraged Youth to Break the Mirror


Since the first weekend in March, youth groups from across North Georgia have been focusing on the spiritual lives of their teenagers by participating in the North Georgia Conference's annual Spiritual Life Retreat weekends. 

More than 1,000 youth and adults from 50 different churches (plus a volunteer staff of 30 to 40 each weekend), participated in the three weekends.

The theme was Mirrors, helping youth to recognize how their own perceptions of themselves are often based on how others see them and how the world speaks to them - false reflections of who they really are. Speakers  Michael McCord, Joya Abrams, and Mike Selleck encouraged youth to stop looking in these false reflections and, instead, recognize the image of God that is in them as well as the new creation God makes in them.

Worship bands from Wesley Foundations from the University of Georgia, University of North Georgia, and Georgia College State University each led worship for a weekend.

Next year's SLRs will be the weekends of March 11th, 18th, and 25th.