Fuller Incorporates Technology Into Bible-Based Sunday School Lessons


Gary Fuller, Atlanta-Roswell District Lay Leader and member of Kingswood UMC in Dunwoody, has been teaching Adult Sunday school for about 40 years. Ten years ago he found a new tool to bring richer understanding on the Bible-based lessons: Adobe Power Point. 

He began tinkering with the presentation program a decade ago and soon began recording the lessons live. They are posted on the church website, so if a class member is away or wants to re-visit the lessons, they are there to watch and listen to. 

He also emails detailed notes to the class each week so they can prepare for the lesson and have the information to reference in the future. 

There is no throwing the lesson together on a Saturday night with this method. Instead Fuller spends hours in study, prayer and preparation, including searching for appropriate (and non-copyrighted) art to illustrate the scripture.

"It is a great class," said class member Louise Hintze. "Gary does a wonderful job of teaching. It is obvious all of the work he puts into each lesson and I am grateful for what it imparts to my knowledge of the scriptures."

Class member Ellen Jones agrees.

"Through his lessons he is making us a stronger Christian," she said. "He emphasizes the power of prayer and praise and reading the Bible. He’s a good story teller and is passionate about what he is teaching."

She appreciates the weekly notes and the visual aspect of the lesson.

"Gary’s visual aids bring the Bible alive. Not only are you seeing a picture but what he’s teaching written on the screen. This keeps our attention centered," she said.

To check out a lesson, follow these steps:

Viewing instructions

Using your internet browser type on the top bar:  www.kingswoodumc.org
1. On the Kingswood Home page click on Learning and on the drop down menu click On Sundays
2. Click on The King’s Class.
3. Click on the lesson date you would like to view.  
4. Click on “Save as” to your computer in your “My Documents” file.
The file name default setting for the King’s Class lessons, the default setting is KC2016 and (date). It should take 1 to 3 minutes to download the file to your computer.
Close the Kingswood UMC tab and go to your “My Documents file” and click on the file you have saved. Lesson presentation will run automatically from the beginning with pictures and sound. Be sure your speakers are turned on.