Teams Already Responding to Elijay Storm Damage


Elijay was recently struck by major storms that left the community with thousands of downed trees. More than 100 power poles had to be replaced along with miles of power lines. North Georgia Conference chainsaw teams are already at work. 

Rev. Thom Shores, pastor of Ellijay First UMC, is serving as the point-person for response in the area. 

Conference chainsaw teams are needed for work on weekends. A team would be assigned one or two homes. This need will be ongoing for many weeks and likely months. 

"There are many, many yards and driveways that need to be cleared of trees," he said. "If someone has trees down, we are willing to come out and help."

Conference chainsaw teams don't take trees off homes, which requires professionals, but will help clear trees once they have been removed from structures. 

"We owe thanks to teams from Union County UMC and Mount Pisgah UMC in Johns Creek have been working the last two weekends," he said. 

"I am proud of The United Methodist Church and our disaster response," said Shores. "We're there at the beginning and we're there at the end."

To volunteer, contact Rev. Thom Shores at 706-635-2555 or