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Thank You! Volunteers, Service Providers, Staff Put in Countless Hours to Host Annual Conference 2021


Thanks to all who were part of the production of the 2021 North Georgia Annual Conference Session. Their faithful collaboration enabled members and guests of the Conference to participate in the session and for hundreds of family and friends to attend the Ordination Service and Service of Remembrance in person while hundreds more watched via live stream.

The team included:

Associate Conference Secretaries
Joya Abrams
Nate Abrams
Dave Allen Grady
Chris Branscomb
Kathy Brockman
Lee Fullerton
Rachel Fullerton
Jimmy Moor
Josh Roberts
Dalton Rushing
Blair Tolbert
Max Vincent

Clergy Executive Session
Julie Boone, Bernice Kirkland, Michelle Levan, Yvette Massey, Shannon Karafanda, and YoLanda Jones-Colton

Nate Abrams, Bill R. Burch, Keith Cox, Charles Darden, Hal Jones, Kathy Lamon, Bill Martin, Michael Murphy-McCarthy, Stacey Rushing, John Simmons, Byron Thomas, Jim Thornton, Steven Usry, and Terry Walton.

Presenter Support
Keith Cox, Amy King, Bruce Cooper, Jim Thornton

Offering Spoken Prayers
Tommy Green, Robert King, Nelson Vargas, Bennett Abrams, Rachel Fullerton, and Grace Pyen

help@ngumc.org Desk
Michael Murphy-McCarthy
Keeancha Hawkins
Bruce Cooper
Chris Branscomb

Meg Morrison
Michael Murphy-McCarthy
Keeancha Hawkins
Bill Martin

Registration Desk
Meg Morrison
Melinda Jones

Joya Abrams
Blair Tolbert
Josh Roberts
Dave Allen Grady
Chris Branscomb
Terry Walton
Jim Thornton

Robert Gilleo
Ginger Smith
Ken Weber
Judy Bush

Visuals Team
Cyndi McDonald
Deanne Lynch
Johnetta Johnson
Pam McCurdy
Duwanna Thomas

Chris Branscomb
Orlando Evans
Josh Roberts
Carol Scrogs

Video Production and Editing
Robert Pancake
Michael Dauterman
Joseph McBrayer

Sybil Davidson

Special Thanks
Thank you to the North Georgia Conference Staff, District Staff, and the Extended Cabinet. 


Worship Coordinator
Michael Dauterman

Conference Music Director
Will Buthod

Annual Conference Session Music
Alva Rowland
Ashley Herring
Michael Browning
Chris Gillespie
Jerome Stephens, Jr.
J LaToiya Hester
Will Buthod
Michael Dauterman

Worship Marshalls and Ushers
Dave Allen Grady
Susan Allen Grady
Max Vincent    
Joya Abrams    
Nate Brown    
Cyndi McDonald   
Deanne Lynch     
Pam McCurdy     
Johnnetta Johnson  
Elynda Lipsey   
Ken Weber    
John Mattox    
Katie Mattox    
Dawn Townsend 
Matthew Vincent 
Lee Fullerton    
Karen Fullerton
Jimmy Moor    
Carol Scroggs    
Michele Lancaster 
Jeff Fuller     
Jim Lyons    
Amy King    
Blair Zant    
Dianne Wall    
Lynne Nagy

Service of Remembrance
​Bishop Sue Haupert Johnson, Richard D. Winn Sr., Laura Rappold, Michael Dauterman, Will Buthod, Elizabeth Byrd, Keya Hillman, Edward Landrum, Ryan Miller, John Pinson, Ellen Shepherd, Bernice Kirkland, Bill Martin, Betsy Butler, Robert Gilleo, Deanne Lynch, Leigh Martin, Cyndi McDonald, Donn Ann Weber

Service of Ordination and Commissioning
Bishop Sue Haupert Johnson, Visiting Bishop Bishop Sharma Lewis, Bernice Kirkland, Laura Rappold, Bill Martin, Bernice Kirkland, Julie Boone, Shannon Karafanda, YoLonda Jones-Colton, Michael Dauterman, Will Buthod, Betsy Butler, Robert Gilleo, Deanne Lynch, Cyndi McDonald, Donn Ann Weber

Worship Service Choir and Musicians
Deborah Stephens, Sylvia Ware, Alexis Lundy, Megan Schuitema, Kerry Ginger, Heather Witt, Liz Knight, Emily Skilling, Ryan Koter, Erik Gustafson, Cory Klose, JD Burnett, Jacob Augsten, August Bair, Andrew Schmidt, Joel Terning, Philip Smith, Brandon Craswell, James Naigus, Joshua Bynum, Matthew Shipes, Trevor Barroero.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to the family of Rev. Dr. Glenn Ethridge and to Oak Grove UMC for allowing us to share Glenn’s final sermon. 

Passing the Mantle
Jane Brooks
Andrew Chappel
Anika Jones
Kyle Tau
Liza Lawrenz
Keith Lawder
Elizabeth Pollard

Service of Commissioning for The Office of Deaconess
Debora Constable
L. Susan Stroup
Susan Zimmerman
Lauren Breck 
Gloria Parker 
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson

Global Missions Fellow Commissioning
Tricia Manns
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson
Roland Fernandes, General Secretary of Global Ministries
Olu Brown
Emma Ferguson

Service Providers

Filming Location

Glisson Camp and Retreat Center

The Classic Center

Katherine Puckett
Catie Stewart
Shannon McCullough
Paul Cramer
Tamara Rosekrans - Levy Catering

Lumi Global

Adam Zuber
Michelle Hovey

Custom Media Solutions

Anthony Young 
Rachel Young
Patrick McEwen
Andrew Williams 
Jay Desai
Brian Merritt 
TJ Sharitz 
Kevin Fornes
Richard Clark 
Adam Hobson

American Audio Visual Services

John Collins
Alex Collins
Christina Allgood
Clay Miller
David Rose
Doug James
Jason Aycock
Jeremy Elijah
Jimbo Smith
LJ Smith
Robb Boggs
Scott Doss
Scott Elledge
Todd Sullivan

Our Leaders

Conference Secretary
Donn Ann Weber

Presiding Bishop
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson

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