Trinity UMC in Stockbridge Offers 4th Sunday BBQ Fresh Expression


Once a month, the parking lot of Trinity UMC in Stockbridge is transformed into a vibrant and welcoming space for the 4th Sunday Outside BBQ Fresh Expression. This unique gathering, funded by the FX micro-grant and church donations, aims to reach out to family, friends, and community members who might not otherwise attend a traditional church service.

With each passing month, the gathering has grown in popularity. The community has embraced the inclusive nature, eagerly accepting the invitation to "come as they are." The transformative power of hospitality shines brightly as friendships are forged and barriers are broken down.

Before indulging in the delectable feast, guests, both familiar faces and newcomers, are warmly acknowledged, and their presence is valued and celebrated. Prayer requests are shared, uniting the community in a collective moment of reflection and support. A brief message about the boundless love of Jesus Christ touches hearts and reminds everyone of the core message that Trinity United Methodist Church seeks to share.

The impact of the 4th Sunday Outside BBQ Fresh Expression Service has been tangible.

More than 35 guests from the community have joined the congregation, bringing their unique stories, struggles, and joys. The gathering has become a space where lives intertwine, where differences are embraced, and where a sense of belonging blossoms.

Trinity is deeply grateful for the invaluable support provided by the FX micro-grant and church donations that have made this possible. Their generosity enabled the church to extend its reach beyond the traditional walls and touch the lives of those who may have never experienced such warmth and acceptance.

The 4th Sunday Outside BBQ Fresh Expression Service has become a beacon of hope, love, and fellowship. Trinity United Methodist Church looks to the future with excitement, eager to continue its mission of embracing all and spreading the transformative message of Jesus Christ.

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