UMCommission: Georgia's Collegiate Ministry Gets New Name


Since the summer you may have noticed a new name for our Georgia United Methodist Commission on Higher Education and Campus Ministries, now the Georgia UMCommission. And along with a new name came a new logo and new website!

There were a few reasons for the change, according to director Rev. Michael McCord. 

"We wanted to honor our name and yet come up with a newer, simpler identity," he explained. "The name (connecting UM and Commission) demonstrates our desire to be deeply connected to the Church and to our local churches. Lastly, we have transitioned to Collegiate ministry to more fully include our support of chaplaincy, campus ministry (Wesley Foundations) and local church-based ministries. With all these changes, we felt it was time to create a new website that reflects the energy and vitality of the ministries and schools we support."

The UMCommission supports nine UM-related campuses in Georgia. Each with their own unique expressions, these campuses offer rigorous educational experiences paired with an enriching culture of religious life led by a gifted team of college and university chaplains. Wesley Foundations and Fellowships are the missional presence of The UMC on other college and university campuses. The UMCommission currently supports ministries on 14 campuses across Georgia with plans to expand ministries to even more.

"As thousands of students begin their fall classes in Georgia, it is part of our calling as United Methodists to meet them on their campuses, support their education, help them experience God’s grace, and invite them to share in our communities of faith," said McCord. "This is the ministry of the UMCommission through our colleges, universities and Wesley Foundations. To be successful, though, we will need everyone to pray for these students, support their local Wesley or school and find ways to invite college students to their communities."

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