United Methodists Improve Facilities and Lives at Wesley Woods


Wesley Woods’ Community of Caring appeal has raised over $10M to serve its older adult residents. This is thanks in part to churches of the North Georgia Conference and the Methodist Foundation for Retired Ministers who are contributing more than $1.5M to the effort, and individual United Methodists contributed many of the personal gifts.

"Wesley Woods extends its deepest gratitude to everyone who has joined in improving the lives of the more than 1,500 older adults we serve," said organization leaders.
The improvements and programs that these donations have made possible are already under way. Residents are seeing critical improvements made to their homes and communities – ensuring they have safe, comfortable and attractive homes today and in the future. Many residents have shared their thoughts – and their humor – about the renovations:
 “The bright de´cor of the building helps me to be cheerful every morning.”
“The new lighting is so bright I did not know my neighbor had so many wrinkles.”

Through this effort, generous supporters are also giving residents at every Wesley Woods community a first-of-its-kind Wellness Program aimed at preventing injury and managing chronic disease through physical exercise and nutrition coaching. The physical fitness program, taught by instructors trained to work with older adults, is an adaptation of a nationally recognized fitness program for older adults that has proven to help them better manage their health. A nationwide study of the program showed improved health for diabetics, improved body weight, increased use of preventive care and fewer hospital admissions. The nutrition class series, taught by certified nutritionists, covers diet, healthy eating, sugar and sodium intake, food safety, and how healthy eating relates to good health outcomes, such as lower blood pressure and healthier weight. The residents are thrilled:
“My doctor has told me for years I need to exercise but I had no way to get to a gym on a regular basis. But thanks to the new Wellness Center I can come down to the fitness studio and work out anytime. My doctor is so pleased with my progress. The Wellness Center has added years to my life!”

Caring for elders in ways that add not just years to their lives, but also health, safety and joy, is an integral part of our faith and what’s more, it is critical to our society. Research shows that the longer an older adult can live independently, while also remaining surrounded by a supportive community like Wesley Woods; the higher quality of life they experience and the longer they may live – and even postpone or eliminate the need for skilled nursing or hospitalization. 

"That’s what we all want for ourselves, our parents, and our neighbors, and it is what you have made possible at Wesley Woods" writes the organization. "Thank you!"