More Than Building Homes: Update from Our Partners in Lumberton, NC


(Photo collage courtesy of Wesley UMC, Augusta) 

We checked in with our partners in Lumberton, NC, where work is still underway from Hurricane Matthew. Since late 2016 a number of North Georgia Conference teams, including Conference staff, cabinet members, and Bishop Sue, have traveled to this community that greatly needs our help.

"Wesley UMC from Augusta is here again being led by team leader Dan Armstrong," said Ann Wade, site manager for the North Carolina Conference in Lumberton. "They are working on two different sites with us."

Wade shared that the work they are doing is about much more than building homes, it's about the people. 

"The particular homeowner they're with today has been waiting for months for help with her home," said Wade. "You can see in the picture, Dan's wife Lisa is talking with the homeowner and they spent some time together in addition to Lisa helping to work on the house. Another volunteer was playing with the survivor's 3-year-old grandson. These are moments that neither will forget."

United Methodist Disaster Response teams and partners have completed 13 full home rebuilds, another 4 underway, and have 2 new home constructions to begin shortly. They have finished about 75 "projects" (roofs, remodels, other work) in total and there are hundreds of homes that still need work.

"There are currently 35 cases in case-management phase, working to get paperwork from homeowners," said Wade. "Once this is done, we will have more projects and more rebuilds. Needless to say, it is a time-consuming task just to start the home, regardless of what needs to be done." 

These numbers only represent Lumberton, NC, where North Georgia has developed a relationship. The need is multiplied across Florida and other coastal areas following the storms of 2017.

"North Georgia church teams are still needed in a BIG way," said Rev. Scott Parrish, North Georgia Conference Disaster Response Coordinator and Associate Director of Connectional Ministries.

To schedule a time for your work team to serve in Lumberton, coordinate lodging at a church (unless you and your team want to stay in a hotel), and help you with the local details related to your work, contact Ann Wade directly at:

You will also need to register your team with the NC Conference and can call or email them after confirming with Wade.
Phone: 888-440-9167

North Georgia Conference clergy are invited to a week set aside this Lent to lend a hand for a day or two, or the full week, March 12-15. (Clergy can learn more and register for this special trip here.)

"I am so grateful for our volunteer teams and I am even more grateful for the ones that go the extra mile and spend time with the survivors and minister to them. These moments mean so much and will last a lifetime," said Wade.