Well-Rooted and Firmly Planted, United Methodist Children's Home Announces New Name


As the United Methodist Children's Home looks toward the future, they have announced a new name that reflects both the tremendous growth and unlimited potential of this ministry, while preserving the deep foundations in The United Methodist Church. We’re excited to share the following message from The Rev. Hal Jones, as he explains this new direction.

From Rev. Hal Jones

Like all organizations that have navigated more than a century of change, your United Methodist Children’s Home has long embraced, and effectively responded to changes in the child welfare field through many creative innovations to our ministry. These innovations have not been driven or shaped by whim—they have been driven and shaped by a steadfast focus on our mission to serve children, young adults and families in need.

As we look toward our future, we are proud to introduce a new name that reflects both our tremendous growth and our unlimited potential, while preserving our deep foundations in The United Methodist Church. This new name, Wellroot Family Services, was borne out of the same steadfast focus on our mission, and was the result of an intense process of research and planning. To be well-rooted is to be firmly planted, to feel stable, and to feel taken care of and secure. To be well-rooted is to have the support and love you need to become the person God intends for you to become.

As Wellroot Family Services, The United Methodist Children’s Home will continue to grow with a name that embodies our commitment to the children, young adults and families we serve together as a related-agency of the North Georgia Conference. The name and branding of “The United Methodist Children’s Home” will not disappear overnight. Throughout this intentional process, you will see a gradual progression toward the name Wellroot Family Services.

Over the next year, both logos will appear on materials as we continue to introduce and invite our stakeholders to join us in celebrating, our growth and this transition.

Below are a few key dates to know we move forward together:

  • January 23: Internal Launch – Our staff celebrated the reveal of our new logo, colors and name. (Complete!)
  • February 1: Partner Launch – Key stakeholders were informed of the new branding and the transition process. (Complete!)
  • March 1: Public Soft Launch – External marketing materials will begin showing the name “Wellroot Family Services” along with “The United Methodist Children’s Home.” Church pastors will receive resources for communicating the new branding.
  • May 1: Full Public Launch with Media and Public Relations efforts – During National Foster Care Month, we will share the branding update with a wider audience through advertising and media opportunities.
  • May 1 through the end of 2019 and into 2020: Continued Communication surrounding the New Brand

Thank you for your continued support as we grow as Wellroot. Your gift helps open doors and change lives. When you contribute to our mission, you can be sure that 100% of your donation is spent in service of the thousands of children, young adults and families throughout Georgia who need critical care, expert support or simply the everyday basics that make a house a home. As we grow as Wellroot, your donations are absolutely vital to furthering our mission—offering more children, young adults and families the benefits of a healthy, stable and safe home.

Thank you,

The Rev. Hal Jones
President and CEO