Wesley Woods Towers Residents are on a Mask-Making Mission


By Susan Amick

Wesley Woods Towers Senior Living Community in Atlanta is full of activity these days. Even though every resident continues to shelter in place and physical distancing is necessary, residents here are on a mission. They have been making cotton face masks since April 6, and at last count have completed nearly 2,000 masks!

The project began when I arrived on a Monday morning with just a few masks in hand, and Administrator, Ross Daniel, asked if it would be possible to bring her sewing machine to work to make some more.

Within 3 days, our conference room had been turned into a physically-distanced workshop with 4 sewing machines, two ironing boards, and a cutting station. Residents gradually stopped by and offered their skills, many of which had been unused for 30 years or more! Soon the group had been dubbed “The Imperfect Stitchers…sewing on toward perfection with grace."

More than 20 Wesley Woods Towers residents with backgrounds in epidemiology, office administration, law, transportation, library science, healthcare, ministry, and education have drawn together their collective compassion to make masks and to keep vulnerable elders and essential workers as safe as possible.

Their masks have been shared with several other Wesley Woods Senior Living communities, with Emory Healthcare, Marcus Center for Autism, the US Postal Service, and several doctor and dentist offices. As Chaplain, I lead the crew with our Life Enrichment Director, Mark Moore, who has not only learned to sew, but also how to perform minor sewing machine repairs.

Several quilters have donated their project scraps to fuel this mission, however, supplies have slowed and more cotton fabric is needed to continue this good work. To share your resources with The Imperfect Stitchers, contact me susan.amick@wesleywoods.org

Rev. Susan Amick is Chaplain at Wesley Woods Towers in Atlanta.