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News: Charter and Re-Certification
Informaiton provided by:  North Georgia Conference UMM

Each United Methodist Mens Fellowship is to re-Certifiy thier Charter each year. Typically, this process is completed in the beginning of the calendar year.

For New United Methodist Mens Fellowships please Charter your fellowship as soon as possible. To complete either process, get the Charter / Re-Certification form below, print and send to the address printed on the form along with the chartering/re-certification fee.

Why Charter or Re-Certify? When John Wesley began the Methodist Church, it was with the firm belief that we, as Christians, needed and benefited from being “connected”. And over the years, that belief has withstood the test of time. That’s why United Methodists are referred to as “connectional”.

The charter is the tie that connects United Methodist Men Fellowships across the North Georgia Conference and the nation. Each year, UMM Fellowships are asked to charter for the first time or re-certify their existing charter so that we may keep up to date with changes in your fellowship (officers, addresses, and other information) and so that we may keep you up to date on current events and opportunities to help your local fellowship grow.

If you are not chartered, or if you need to re-certify for this year, please contact us.

Click here for the Charter / Re-Certification form

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