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Greetings North East District

May 1, 2022

     For 47 years, the churches of our Conference have taken the Mother’s Day Offering to support those residing at Wesley Woods Communities who require assistance.  The ten communities serve 1,800 senior adults annually.  More than 40% of the residents live below the poverty line.  Several have simply outlived their resources and require help for housing and meals.  For the lack of funds, it would not be in character with our faith and hospitality to put these persons under the trauma of having to move.  We know the value of pastoral care to those who struggle with their health and face life and death issues (personally or with a mate).  We are aware that the source of the demise of many senior residents is a fall.  Wellness nurses can help improve balance and avoid such catastrophes.
     All of the above is to tell you that critical financial assistance, the pastoral care given by chaplains, and the work of wellness nurses are chiefly funded by the Mother’s Day Offering.  The needs continue to grow.  They do not diminish.  I hope you will give priority to taking the offering this year and helping seniors who are on very limited incomes.
      With Branan Lodge and Simpson Estates in our District at Blairsville, I would love to see the Northeast District at 100% participation this year!  I am counting on you and your church!

Peace and grace,


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