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Greetings North East District

April 1

            Last Easter, we had hoped that all of our churches would be open for a glorious celebration of Easter following the initial weeks of complete shut down across our country.  We were startled, saddened and filled with grief as the pandemic set in full force, and we found ourselves experiencing a very different way of worshipping and serving through the rest of 2020 and into 2021.  Like those first followers of Jesus, we experienced the dark, grief-stricken days of a Good Friday kind of year.  And yet, we are Easter People!  We are a people who claim the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and all of the new life that it brings. 

            On Easter Sunday 2021, we will hear again the glorious story of how the women found an empty tomb and encountered the resurrected Christ.  We will hear how their grief turned to unbelievable joy.  We will remember how the story of that first Easter continues to teach us how to live consistently as Easter people. 

            Easter people learn to look at life through the lens of resurrection and life instead of death and despair.  When I look at our current experience of life through resurrection eyes,

            I see millions of people being vaccinated against Covid-19 and the miracle of medicine that brought us the vaccine;

            I see flood waters receding and winds calming as people and relief organizations like UMCOR gather to help neighbors and communities pick up the pieces and create a new life;

            I see creation itself bursting with life through the appearance of pale green leaves on trees and bushes, flowers of every color imaginable breaking through barren soil, and the birds building their nests twig by twig.

            If you were to look out at this world with the eyes of an Easter believer instead of the eyes of despair, what would you see?

            The lens through which we look at life will determine how we live it.  Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James and the other women with them left the graveyard with its empty tomb, and they never looked at life the same again.  The disciples, even though they first thought this news of resurrection was an idle tale, later encountered the Resurrected Christ for themselves, and they, too, never looked at life the same way.  When we place our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can never live life settled in the graveyard.

            A woman was leaving the Easter service, and as she walked by the pastor she said, “I’ve never seen such a crowd in church.  Do you suppose it will make any difference?”  “What do you mean,” asked the pastor.  “Will what make a difference?”

            “Easter,” she said.  “Will Easter make any difference for all of these people, or will life tomorrow be the same as it was yesterday?”

            It is my earnest prayer, that Easter will make a profound difference for all of us in how we live our lives—in whom we place our faith and in what we choose to see.  May we live into the future with the Resurrection eyes of Easter People.
Grace and peace to all of you Easter People!!

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