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February 1

      I grew up attending Conyers First United Methodist Church in Conyers, GA.  I remember feeling valued, loved and encouraged to be an integral part of the ministries of the church even as a child. Before I could drive, one of the members of the church who was the nursing director at the local nursing home gave a talk on serving others outside of the church family as a form of mission.  I asked her what I could do, and she encouraged me to come to the nursing home on Saturdays and fill the ice buckets of the residents.  The next Saturday, I began my ritual of riding my bike to the nursing home to fill the ice buckets in each room.  But I didn’t just fill ice buckets.  I found myself talking with the residents and hearing their amazing life stories.  I remember standing by the bed in the rooms of residents who could no longer communicate and murmuring a little prayer for them.  I got to know the people who worked there.  But what I learned most was the joy of service.  I always felt like I got more out of those Saturday visits than I gave.  I will forever be thankful to Mrs. Yoder for encouraging me and treating me as a lay person who had something to offer in service to Christ through the church.  I learned that the ministry of the church is not something left to the pastor and a few key leaders, it is a calling and source of joy to every member.

      That invitation to service led to my call to ordained ministry, and one of the joys of my ministry has been partnering with laity of every age.  It is exciting to see gifts and talents in others and then to encourage them to use them in service to Christ through the church.  Everyone has something that God has given them to use!!

      One of the discipleship programs offered through the conference is the Lay Servant Ministry.  Even if one does not have any intention of ever becoming a Lay Speaker, the Lay Servant program offers classes that enable one to learn more about the United Methodist Church’s history, theology and polity.  It offers classes that deepen one’s devotional life and discipleship.  The Northeast District has a wonderful director, Kay Haugen, and associate director, Mary Williams, who are revitalizing the Lay Servant Ministries program in the district.  Other articles in this newsletter have information on the classes and how to contact them.

      If you are reading this article and know of someone whose gifts and talents could be enhanced through this program, I hope that you will be that person, like Mrs. Yoder, who encourages and directs them towards this opportunity or other opportunities of service in the church.  I know that you and they will find joy through these opportunities to serve!

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