North East Lay Servant Ministry

Online courses are educational opportunities for lay servants to engage in learning opportunities in a virtual environment.  The courses are delivered over the Internet using a selected software platform which means that you can take some of the advanced courses from your home, work, or at a time that is most convenient for you within a limited time frame.  Online courses are 5 weeks in length, and the time for completing assignments will vary based on individual preparation, involvement and participation.  All online courses are open to your schedule with 24/7 access. Participants must purchase the books for all classes.  Books may be purchased from Cokesbury, Amazon or your District Director.

Online Course Schedule

January 18-February 22, 2021
Mary Williams, Facilitator
This course is designed to enable participants to explore the meaning of Methodism, analyze Wesleyan theology and its practical structure and disciplines for the first Methodists, examine Wesleyan understanding of grace and its importance to the movement, and discuss the means of grace and how these disciplines lead to holiness of heart and life. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is January 18.

Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders
March 1-April 12, 2021
Marjorie Woods, Facilitator
This purpose of this course is to help participants examine the mission of the United Methodist Church, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  During the instructions, participants will be provided scriptural foundations of Christian transformational leadership as well as organizational principles that are proven to be effective.  Personal and group reflection through the use of forums and discussion posts will be included as a part of the course requirements. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is March 1.

Spiritual Gifts
May 3 – June 7, 2021
Kay Haugen, Facilitator
This course is designed to help participants identify their spiritual gifts and examine spiritually how they can use their gifts to serve others. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is May 3.

Click Here to register. Course cost is $62 (does not include books or other resources). Course must be paid for with credit or debit card through the registration link.

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