Online Classes

Classes are app. 5 weeks long  All assignments, quizzes, and chats must be completed to receive credit for the course.

Basic is a pre-requisite for the course AS OF 1/1/2021  Cost $42.00; does not include book.  Must be paid for with credit or credit card. 

Registration deadline is First Day of class 

Once the link for the course is opened, we can not issue a refund.WIWe use MOODLE for the classes and it can be accessed by smartphone or tablet.

You need a Windows, Linux, or Apple operating system.  Class requires speakers or earphones.     

To register for classes Click here                                                                                                                                          

Heritage                                                  Jan. 18-Feb. 22         Mary Williams 

Transformational Leaders                       Mar. 1-Apr. 12           Marjorie Woods

Spiritual Gifts                                          May 3- June 7            Kay Haugen


Transforming Evangelism focus is to examine the challenge of evangelism within local church and review Wesley's approach to evangelism as tools for lay servants to develop models of effective evangelism.

Heritage will enable participants to explore meaning of Methodism, Wesleyan theology, understanding grace, means of grace and holiness of heart and life. 

Tranformational Leaders will help participants examine mission of the UMC to make disciples.  Includes scriptural foundations, and organizational principles that are proven to be effective.

Spiritual Gifts will help identify personal gifts and how they can used to serve others.