Mission and Outreach

It is still our call to love God and to love our neighbor as we do ourselves. Jesus defines this for us in both who our neighbor is, from near to far and friend to enemy, as well as giving us a practical example which can be followed.

Such a mission is so much more than just projects.

The mission of God is a defining call of every church and every Methodist Christian. Mission is a way of a congregation being the Body of Christ in a community. It continues to be an exciting, dynamic, every day adventure for a congregation to follow Jesus, rely upon the Holy Spirit, and join in with the new creation of God's Kingdom.

In a congregation we have the great joy of encouraging both individuals and the church in this opportunity. We also have a larger team who might assist us through NGA Connectional Ministries and through UMC Global Ministries. 

In efforts to encourage and support your NGA congregation in mission we offer:

  • a strong theology of mission
  • resources for training and special events
  • best contacts for networking
  • curriculum for groups
  • principles and ideas for your context    
  • a toolkit you may modify for your next steps
  • recent news about mission and outreach
  • and a request that you share your ideas with us!

Contact Rev. Scott Parrish, Center for Congregational Excellence, at scott.parrish@ngumc.net