Polar Monitor Information

Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers—Make HealthMiles Work for You

As much as we love the GoZone pedometer, it’s not the most accurate device to measure a good hard run or a spin on the bike—and it definitely can’t go in the pool! Some HealthMiles participants have chosen to wear a Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) to receive added credit for their workouts. In addition to the extra miles you deserve for working harder, you can accurately measure the intensity of your workout! Earn 60 HealthMiles for 20 minutes of vigorous activity or 30 minutes of moderate activity captured by your Polar HRM.

The HRM may help you reach your target fitness goals or stick to your doctor’s recommendation about keeping your heart rate at a certain level. A HRM also can help ensure you’re working out at the pace that’s right for you.

How Do I Earn HealthMiles for HRM Workouts?

First, make sure you have a compatible Polar HRM—the F6, F11, F55, RS200sd, RS400sd, RS800sd, CS200cad, CS300, CS400 or the CS600 Power. A HRM has a transmitter which should be worn on the chest and a watch you wear on the wrist (or a monitor to attach to the handlebars of your bike) while you exercise. The HRM sends your heart rate to the watch or monitor continuously via wireless transmission.

Register your HRM at www.polarpersonaltrainer.com—select Virgin HealthMiles as your data share partner (click on “Polar Account/General Settings/Partners”). You’ll need your HealthMiles e-mail address or member ID and password to validate your membership. You’ve successfully registered when you receive an e-mail from HealthMiles confirming your registration as a Polar HRM user.

Wear your HRM whenever you work out! Upload your workout data to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com and then check your HealthMiles activity journal for an overview of your Polar workout (including duration, intensity and calories burned). Plus, you’ll continue to accrue HealthMiles on your GoZone pedometer for all of the steps you take during the day.

What Is the Difference Between Moderate and Vigorous Activity?

Exercise intensity is a measure of how hard your body is working. For most people (except those on medications that slow the heart rate, such as beta-blockers), heart rate is an easy way to measure the intensity of physical activity. If you’re working out at moderate intensity, your heart rate will be working at 50% to 70% of its maximum rate. Vigorous intensity activity is marked by a heart rate of at least 70% of your maximum.

What If I Have a Problem When Using My HRM for HealthMiles?

If you have difficulties with the HRM equipment, contact Polar at 1-800-227-1314 or www.polarusa.com.

If you are successfully uploading your workout to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com but the workout does not show up in your HealthMiles account, contact Virgin HealthMiles customer service at 1-866-852-6898.

Log in to HealthMiles and look under “Activity/Activity Tracking Devices/Other Tracking Devices” for more information about using a Polar HRM with the HealthMiles walking program or to purchase a HRM directly from your HealthMiles Web page.

Remember: A HRM is a qualified health care expense for your HealthFlex Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You also can use accumulated HealthCash to purchase a Polar HRM directly from the Virgin HealthMiles Web site.