Prayer Calendar

2010 Prayer Calendars

January 2010 "Prayers for Strength"
February 2010 "Prayers for Warmth" 

2009 Prayer Calendars

January 2009 "Prayers for Healing" 
February 2009 "Prayers for Ending Poverty"
March 2009
April 2009 "Prayers for God's Creation"
May 2009
June 2009 "Prayers for Health and Wholeness" 
July 2009 "Prayers for Youth" 
August 2009 "Praying the Psalms" 
September 2009 "Prayers for People Seeking Work" 
October 2009 "Prayers for Clergy" 
November 2009 "Prayers of Thanksgiving"
December 2009 "While We Wait"

2008 Prayer Calendars

January 2008 "Prayers for Financial Wisdom"
February 2008 "Agape!"
March 2008 "Prayers for Lent and Easter"
April 2008 "Prayers for a Future with Hope"
May 2008
June 2008 "The Heart of the Matter"
July 2008 Prayers for Rest and Respite"
August 2008 "Prayers for New Starts"
September 2008 "Prayers for Leadership"
October 2008 "Beyond These Walls: Prayers for Mission"
November 2008 "Prayers for Thanksgiving"
December 2008 "Joy to the World"

2007 Prayer Calendars

January 2007 "Prayers for Being in Missions"
February 2007 "Prayers for Warmth"
March 2007
April 2007 "Come Alive!"
May 2007
June 2007 Prayers for Humility"
July 2007 Prayers for Our Health"
August 2007 "Back to School Prayers"
September 2007 Praying the Hymns"
October 2007 "Prayers for World Communion"
November 2007 "Prayers for My Community"
December 2007 "Prayers for a Silent Night"

2006 Prayer Calendars

January 2006 "Prayers for Growing a Life of Joy"
February 2006 "Prayers for the Unreached"
March 2006
April 2006 "Prayers for Growing a Life of Love"
May 2006
June 2006 "Prayers for Justice"
July 2006 "Prayers for Growing a Life of Peace"
August 2006 "Prayers for Raising Children"
September 2006 "Prayers for Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts"
October 2006 "Prayers During Clergy Appreciation Month"
November 2006 "Prayers of Thanksgiving"
December 2006 "Prayers for Advent"

 2005 Prayer Calendars

January 2005 "Prayers for Hope"
February 2005 "Prayers for Developing a Servant's Heart"
March 2005"Prayers for Christian Stewardship"
April 2005 "Prayers for Growing a Life of Love"
May 2005 "Prayers for Disciple-Making Congregations"
June 2005 "Prayers for Natural Disaster Survivors"
July 2005 "Prayers for Our Church Family"
August 2005
September 2005
October 2005
November 2005 "Prayers of Thanksgiving"
December 2005 "Prayers for Advent"