Prayer & Preparation: Praying the Psalms

Earlier this year, Bishop Dease and other North Georgia United Methodists began to ask, What can we do - together - to better prepare ourselves spiritually for Annual Conference 2023?  In response, United Methodists from across our Conference have worked together to create a 35-day Prayer and Preparation Guide. Beginning Sunday April 30 through Saturday June 3, we are all invited to soak in Scripture together, pray with and for one another, and pray for our shared mission.

Each day you will be prompted with a Psalm to read, a short breath prayer or collect (call-ect) written by a North Georgia United Methodist, and a prayer of invocation.

And we invite you to share this with your family, small group, congregation, and Christian community. Whether you are attending Annual Conference or not, we pray this will better prepare all of us for true holy conferencing.

Today's Prayers: Day 22

How to Participate

  • To receive a daily prayer prompt, text "Prepare" to 833-848-9264
  • Visit each day
  • Follow the North Georgia Conference on social media

How to Use This Guide

  • Open your prompt each day and set aside a moment to read the Psalm and pray. 
  • Joel 2:28-29 is our focus verse for Annual Conference 2023. Consider setting a daily alarm for 2:28pm to read and pray. 
  • Every Sunday, we will read Psalm 117. Consider inviting your church to memorize and/or recite Psalm 117 together during worship
  • Share Prayer links and posts through your local church's communications 
  • Invite your church prayer team, Sunday schools, and small groups to use this as their prayer guide for the 35 days.
  • On Wednesdays, the Psalm reading will include a link to a musical setting of the psalm or a podcast reading it aloud and discussing it. Consider incorporating these songs into your personal or congregational worship set. And maybe listen while you Prayer Walk. 
  • Saturday's Prayers are written by Youth Delegates to AC2023. Consider inviting youth and children to read Psalms and offer prayers for weekly worship in May. 
  • Consider incorporating these psalms and prayers into your family devotion time or your children's bedtime routine.

A special thank you to:

  • Conference Visuals Team including chairs Rev. Cyndi McDonald and Rev. Deanne Lynch for artwork
  • Bill Martin for prayer project management
  • Meredith Webb for Psalm study and presentation