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Dear Weekday School Directors,

The North Georgia Conference Directors Association has been in existence for over 30 years. It includes directors who serve not only in United Methodist Churches but also in churches from other denominations in the North Georgia area. We invite you to become an annual member!

We believe that we can help each other with information about good practices, offer fellowship with others who are experiencing similar challenges, and gain access to quality training experiences for ourselves and our teaching staff. Our goal is to foster great programs in all church schools.

Director meetings are held four times during the school year. You will enjoy the opportunity to discuss such topics as: management policies, recruiting and staffing issues, best practices in early childhood, financial issues, registration and tuition practices, and support for the families of preschool children. Frequently we enlist speakers on these
subjects who can share innovative ideas in our congenial setting. The opportunity to share information with experienced directors is invaluable and the fellowship with other church-
based professionals can support you in a stressful ministry.

We hope that you will join our association for the upcoming school year. The dues are just $25. We are attaching the Annual Membership Application Form. If you have any questions, please contact our co-presidents, Adele Harrison, 770-939-6036 or or Emily Howard, 404-373-3367 or

We also encourage you to pursue certification for your preschool as a ‘Program of Excellence’ through the process we have established. Application forms for the certification process will be available on the website, as well as a list of procedures. In
addition, our Recertification chairs, Angie Mayo and Lindsey Jarrett, will contact all schools that are up for re-certification this year.

We hope that you will get involved in this great organization. You’ll learn something at every meeting and make new friends too!

Sally Kramer
Membership Chairperson
North Georgia Conference Directors Association

Welcome back to school everyone! 

I hope your year is getting off to a great start. 

We are gearing up for our 1st Director's meeting of the 2019-2020 school year on Wednesday, September 18.

SAND - The School At North Decatur UMC

1523 Church Street

Decatur, GA 30030

404-373-3367 ext. 103

SAND Preschool is hosting us for a morning of "Loose Parts" and a back to school Q&A.  

Please note that we will alternate between Wednesday and Thursday meetings to try and accommodate everyone's schedules.

An email with more specifics will go out next week. 

Until then have a wonderful long weekend.

Emily Howard

NGC Co-President and SAND Director 


School At North Decatur UMC

1523 Church Street

Decatur, GA 30030

404-373-3367 Ext. 103


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