Projected Appointments 2020


Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson announces projected full-time appointment changes as of April 19, 2020. These appointments will be effective July 1 or September 1, as listed beside each appointment. 

A Message From Bishop Sue

I am in constant prayer on this "Announcement Sunday" as congregations throughout our annual conference receive word of pastoral changes. I know how difficult change is, and I am all too aware of the beautiful yet wrenching reality that the more attached we are to our clergy families the harder it is to say goodbye.

The Cabinet and I have taken our appointive work very seriously. We have prayed, studied, agonized, and prayed some more. I made the final decisions only after I had a sense that they seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to me.

Some will be frustrated that I relied so much on the Cabinet's collective wisdom and prayer. That means letters, emails, phone calls, etc. had limited bearing. Neither did any sense of entitlement by clergy or congregations. I have seen sexism, racism, ageism, careerism, and selfishness try to thwart this process and it grieves me. We have much work to do as a Church.

That said, the Cabinet and I are confident that the Annual Conference will be stronger, and the churches more vibrant, after these moves. God is mightily at work in so many parts of this Annual Conference, and many gifted pastors and committed laity are pouring out their lives in service to Jesus Christ. We have much to celebrate as a Church.

My prayers continue for clergy families whose lives will be uprooted. My family has survived our moves by focusing on these three truths:

  1. home is not a particular place but where we are sharing life and love together;
  2. each place will have something unique and wonderful about it; and
  3. God will be with us and God's people will be waiting to welcome us.

Then we name all the wonderful folks in each place we have lived that we would never have met but for the itineracy.

I pray also that the Holy Spirit will be at work in the churches comforting the grieving, reassuring the disconcerted, and giving a new sense of excitement as the church moves into a new chapter of its ongoing mission to do Christ's work in the world. I close with one of my favorite quotes, from Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom: "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." Grace and peace to you all.

—Bishop Sue

2020-2021 Projected Full Time Appointment Changes


Athens-Elberton District

Eliam UMC   7/1/2020
Teresa Lilja, Pastor-in-Charge

Gordon’s Chapel UMC   7/1/2020
Andy Hargrove, Pastor-in-Charge

Oconee Street UMC   7/1/2020
Laura Patterson, Pastor-in-Charge

Union Chapel UMC   9/1/2020
Ann Mann, Pastor-in-Charge

Winder First UMC   7/1/2020
Dave Hinson, Pastor-in-Charge


Atlanta-College Park District

Bethel UMC   7/1/2020
Jacqui Rose-Tucker, Pastor-in-Charge

Cascade UMC   7/1/2020
Jeffery O’Neal, Associate Pastor

Central UMC   7/1/2020
Angela Mao Johnson, Associate Pastor

Cliftondale UMC   7/1/2020
Theophilus Stanford, Pastor-in-Charge

Connections at Metropolitan UMC   7/1/2020
Marita Harrell, Pastor-in-Charge

Headland Heights UMC   7/1/2020
Deborah Holloway, Pastor-in-Charge

St. John UMC   7/1/2020
Danny Barton, Pastor-in-Charge  


Atlanta-Decatur-Oxford District

Decatur First UMC   7/1/2020
Blair Setnor, Associate Pastor

Salem UMC   7/1/2020
David Cott, Pastor-in-Charge


Atlanta-Emory District

Barrow Community Church   7/1/202
Beth Dickinson, Pastor-in-Charge

Cannon UMC   9/1/2020
Tim Emmett, Pastor-in-Charge

Dacula UMC   7/1/2020
Debbie Carlton, Pastor-in-Charge

Grayson UMC   7/1/2020
Geoff Grubbs, Pastor-in-Charge  

Harmony Grove UMC Lilburn   7/1/2020
Mark LaRocca Pitts, Pastor-in-Charge

Lawrenceville First UMC   7/1/2020
Cynthia Jackson, Associate Pastor

McKendree UMC   9/1/2020
Paula Dallas, Assistant Pastor

Prospect UMC Lawrenceville   7/1/2020
Ted Keen, Pastor-in-Charge

The Nett UMC   7/1/2020
Nora Colmenares, Executive Pastor


Atlanta-Marietta District

Bethany UMC   7/1/2020
Joya Abrams, Pastor-in-Charge  

Due West UMC   9/1/2020
Lathem Postell, Associate Pastor

Immanuel Korean UMC   7/1/2020
Junhyup Lee, Pastor-in-Charge

Marietta First UMC   7/1/2020
Amber Lea Gray, Associate Pastor   

Marietta First UMC   9/1/2020
Chad Loucks, Associate Pastor   

McEachern Memorial UMC   7/1/2020
Doug Thrasher, Pastor-in-Charge

McEachern Memorial UMC   7/1/2020
Tony Phillips, Associate Pastor

Mountain View UMC  7/1/2020
Joe McKechnie, Pastor-in-Charge

St. Andrew UMC Marietta   7/1/2019
Josh Amerson, Pastor-in-Charge

Waleska UMC   9/1/2020
Brian Smith, Pastor-in-Charge

Atlanta-Roswell District

Bethelview UMC   7/1/2020
Beverly Casstevens, Pastor-in-Charge

Dunwoody UMC   7/1/2020
Phil Schroeder, Pastor-in-Charge

Dunwoody UMC   7/1/2020
Matt Stone, Associate Pastor  

St. James UMC Alpharetta   9/1/2020
Gregory Williams, Pastor-in-Charge

St. James UMC Alpharetta   7/1/2020
Tavares Stephens, Associate Pastor


Augusta District

Aldersgate UMC   7/1/2020
Brett DeHart, Pastor-in-Charge   

Greensboro First UMC   9/1/2020
Matt Stewart, Pastor-in-Charge

Greensboro First UMC   9/1/2020
Rick Maeser, Associate Pastor

Hopewell UMC Milledgeville   7/1/2020
Rick Gillian, Pastor in Charge 

Macedonia UMC Warren County   9/1/2020
Roger Canuel, Pastor-in-Charge

Martinez UMC   7/1/2020
Johnny Ray, Pastor-in-Charge

St. Mark UMC Washington Road   7/1/2020
Sargent Nelson, Pastor-in-Charge

Thomson UMC    5/1/2020
Steve Dodson, Pastor-in-Charge   

Transformation UMC   7/1/2020
Vincent Dominique, Pastor-in-Charge   

Trinity on the Hill UMC   9/1/2020
Scott Hearn, Pastor-in-Charge   

Woodlawn UMC   7/1/2020
Gigi Warren, Pastor-in-Charge


Gainesville District

Cleveland UMC   7/1/2020
Jamie Hudgins, Pastor-in-Charge

Cornelia UMC   7/1/2020
Teresa Angle-Young, Pastor-in-Charge

Gainesville First UMC   9/1/2020
Mike Morgan, Pastor-in-Charge

New Hope UMC Gainesville   7/1/2020
Andrew Covington, Pastor-in-Charge

St. Paul UMC Summit Street   9/1/2020
Keya Hillman, Pastor-in-Charge

St. Paul UMC Washington Street   7/1/2020
Sondra Jones, Pastor-in-Charge

Toccoa First UMC   7/1/2020       St. James UMC Toccoa   7/1/2020
April Briant, Associate Pastor      April Briant, Pastor-in-Charge


Griffin District

County Line UMC   7/1/2020
Katie Mattox, Pastor-in-Charge

Forsyth First UMC   9/1/2020
Billy Beard, Pastor-in-Charge   

Griffin First UMC   7/1/2020
Nelson Furtado, Associate Pastor

Sunnyside UMC/Searcy Memorial UMC   9/1/2020
Maria Bowers Gardiner, Pastor-in-Charge


LaGrange District

Greenville UMC   7/1/2020
Dan Dixon, Pastor-in-Charge

Manchester First UMC   7/1/2020
Don Richards, Pastor-in-Charge

Newnan First UMC   7/1/2020
Fede Apecena, Assistant Pastor


Northwest District

Dalton First UMC   7/1/2020
Brian Clark, Pastor-in-Charge 

Williamstown UMC   7/1/2020
Mark Lovell, Pastor-in-Charge


Rome-Carrollton District

Douglasville First UMC   7/1/2020
Scott Brown, Pastor-in-Charge

Golden Memorial UMC   9/1/2020
Robert King, Pastor-in-Charge

Hope UMC   4/1/2020  
Mark Jordan, Pastor-in-Charge

Mt. Zion UMC Carrollton   9/1/2020
Ryan Miller, Pastor-in-Charge  

Rush Chapel UMC   7/1/2020
Jared Evans, Pastor-in-Charge

Shepherd of the Hills UMC   7/1/2020
Matt Murphy, Pastor-in-Charge

District Appointments

District Superintendent   9/1/2020
Michael McQueen   

District Superintendent   7/1/2020
Rodrigo Cruz   

District Missional Specialist to Rodrigo Cruz   7/1/2020
Allen Hoskyn

Conference Staff Appointments  

Church Transition and Clinical Resource Specialist   7/1/2020
Lindsay Geist

Director of Connectional Ministries   7/1/2020
Hal Jones

Director of the Center for Clergy Excellence   7/1/2020
Bernice Kirkland 

Assistant to the Bishop   7/1/2020
Terry Walton

Director of Congregational Excellence   7/1/2020
Blair Zant