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Recommended Reading

There are many fine books on the market, and we have selected a few to recommend for our leaders for 2011.

Essential for UMM Leaders

These books are essential for UMM leaders, as they deal directly with the partnerships and ministries of our future;

  • "No Man Left Behind"   (Patrick Morley) .....If we were to title this book, it would be called "UMM Ministry 101".
  • "Spiritual Fathers"   (Dan Schaffer) .....This is a must read for WesleyMen, Wesleyan Building Brothers — and becoming spiritual fathers.
  • "Brothers"  (Geoff Gorsuch) .....Learn how men actually build strong relationships.
  • "Letters From Dad"  (Greg Vaughn) .....A ready-to-go ministry to get momentum and energy going in your area.

About Men and Ministry To Men

These are popular books about men and ministry to men;

  • "The Man in the Mirror"  (Patrick Morley) .....Pat Morley's classic that really began "men's ministry" in the 1990's.
  • "Half Time"   (Bob Buford) .....Bob Buford's best seller about a man's life moving from success to significance.
  • "Wild at Heart"   (John Eldredge) .....John Eldredge's book has launched a movement of men in search of their hearts.
  • "Why Men Hate Going to Church"   (David Murrow) .....Use the points raised by this book to start discussions that can help local congregations reach men.
  • "The Blessing"   (Gary Smalley) .....Know the power of a man to bless others, and why it is so important.

Additional reading

These books are not specifically about men, but are important reading;

  • "The Pursuit of God"   (A. W. Tozer) .....A. W. Tozer's classic is a serious invitation for a full surrender to God.
  • "Secrets of the Vine"   (Bruce Wilkinson) .....Want fruit — lots of it in your life? You can have it.
  • "Revolution"   (George Barna) .....George Barna's radical projections for future church.
  • "Coming of Age"   (David Anderson) .....A study about the spirituality and faith of younger men.
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