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United Methodist Center Relocation

A New Mission-Centered Strategic Headquarters in College Park

A United Methodist Center Relocation Task Force, charged with considering and recommending to the Conference Board of Trustees a new location for our North Georgia Conference United Methodist Center, has been at work for several years on behalf of the Annual Conference.

The lease on the current United Methodist Center, located at 1700 Century Center Boulevard, Atlanta, terminates March 31, 2023.

The goal of the task force was selecting and planning for a mission-centered strategic headquarters for the North Georgia Conference in 2023.

The Task Force has selected property adjacent to College Park UMC as the location for a post-pandemic hybrid space that will allow The United Methodist Church to be a witness across North Georgia by having a visible presence in a vibrant community. The selection was affirmed by the Board of Trustees and by the members of the 2022 Annual Conference. 

The site is convenient to I-75, I-85, I-285, and I-20, it is served by a Marta rail station, and is just a few miles from the Atlanta airport. The property is across the street from city hall in the hub of busy downtown College Park.

The United Methodist Center will fit into a development already occurring within and around College Park UMC.

Task Force Report

Relocation Q&A

Q: What is the timeline for a new United Methodist Center?

The Board of Trustees will soon complete the purchase of the property on East Main Street in College Park (summer 2022).

Then the trustees will oversee the construction of a new, approximately 5,400 sq ft building. Construction and building will be based on an open bidding process. 

We project that the new space will be complete in 2024.

The current landlord has expressed flexibility in offering continued lease of the upper floor of the present United Methodist Center. 

Q: How will the relocation be funded?

The budget for the new United Methodist Center is $3.4 million dollars. Funds from the sale of the Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center were designated for the construction of a new UM Center and are projected to be adequate for the purchase of the property, construction of the new building, and additional costs such as furnishings, moving expenses, and contingencies.  

Q: What is projected to be included in the 5,400 sq/ft building?

The task force recognizes the changing needs for the United Methodist Center. In the past two years we have learned that virtual work is productive and realistic. The present square footage of 15,376 exceeds the needs of the United Methodist Center.

The new office space will be a hybrid work center. It will include the Episcopal office, administrative offices, meeting space, an audio/visual studio, and flexible work stations for staff.