Reports Due

Move Input Forms

Every pastor under appointment and every SPR Committee must submit a Move Input Form to the District Office no later than Thursday, November 29, 2018.  Forms have been emailed to pastors or can be downloaded and printed below.  Please note that the pastor's form must be signed by the pastor and the SPR Chair and the SPR Committee's form must be signed by the pastor and all members of the committee present at the meeting.  If you have questions, contact the District Office.

Pastor's Move Input Form

SPR Committee Move Input Form

Charge Conference Reports

Please note that there is a new Charge Conference checklist for the 2018 Charge Conferences!  In addition, several of the reports on Data Services have changed, as has the login requirements for Data Services.  Everything is explained in detail in the Charge Conference Instruction handout.  Also, please note that all items requiring a vote at Charge Conference must be approved at a Church Council meeting prior to the Charge Conference.  The checklist will ask you to verify that this vote has taken place and requires the signature of the pastor, church council chair, and SPR chair.  Below are copies of various documents that can be downloaded:

Charge Conference Checklist/Items to be Approved 2018

Charge Conference Instructions

Charge Conference Schedule


Tips for Completing Charge Conference Reports:

  • Pastors, you MUST use your Conference Email Address ( to log into Data Services and access charge conference reports.
  • Pastors, be sure to enter the Clergy Financial Support Worksheet in time for the necessary approvals to be made before printing the form to submit at the conference.
  • Laity entering Charge Conference reports in Data Services, must first be set up as “users” by the pastor.  Laity will use personal email addresses and their own passwords to log in.
  • Once a report has been created (opened), please do not create another new report.  Even if no information has been added, go back into the open report to enter information.  This applies to the Reports of Finance, Pastor, Treasurer and Trustees.  You should only see one 2018 report for each of these.
  • Data Services only allows entering required positions on the Lay Leadership/Nominations report, but please go ahead and submit a copy of all your church leaders being voted on with the Charge Conference Items to Be Approved form.
  • Dates on the Report of Pastor should be from last year’s Charge Conference to this year’s Charge Conference.
  • Refer to the information on the Charge Conference checklist about which reports and documents to include in the folder for the DS.  There are several forms that must be submitted in Data Services, that do not need to be printed and given to the DS.

Following these tips will help with a smooth Charge Conference.  If you have questions, please contact Denise in the District Office.


Vital Congregation Goals

Each church should update their 4-year goals to include 2022 prior to Charge Conference.  This can be done online at The goals for the next 4 years will need to be reported on the "Items to be Approved at Charge Conference" form.  There is also a link on the Charge Conference tab of Data Services.


 Vital Signs Dashboard

This weekly, online report went into effect March 25, 2012.  An email is sent each Monday morning to the pastor (or to the person the pastor designates) with a link to a form asking for the following information for the previous week:  worship attendance, professions of faith, baptisms, persons involved in small groups, persons involved in missions, number of persons served by your congregation, money given to benevolent and charitable ministries, and total offerings.  ALL CHURCHES are required to submit this information each week.  For questions, contact the District Office.






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