Reports Due

End of Year Reports

It is time again to begin working on the End of Year Reports.  Blank copies of the forms are available on the conference website.  The online system will be open January 10-31.  EVERY CHURCH MUST SUBMIT A FORM ONLINE BY JANUARY 31.   Download a copy of the District Statistician Team members and to see who is assigned to assist your church.


Vital Congregation Goals

Each church should update their 4-year goals to include 2022 prior to Charge Conference.  This can be done online at The goals for the next 4 years will need to be reported on the "Items to be Approved at Charge Conference" form.  There is also a link on the Charge Conference tab of Data Services.


 Vital Signs Dashboard

This weekly, online report went into effect March 25, 2012.  An email is sent each Monday morning to the pastor (or to the person the pastor designates) with a link to a form asking for the following information for the previous week:  worship attendance, professions of faith, baptisms, persons involved in small groups, persons involved in missions, number of persons served by your congregation, money given to benevolent and charitable ministries, and total offerings.  ALL CHURCHES are required to submit this information each week.  For questions, contact the District Office.






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