The charge of the Resolution Committee is to process all resolutions presented to the Annual Conference that are not submitted to programmatic committees. The Committee will be in dialogue with the submitter and all agencies of the Annual Conference affected by the resolution. Resolutions must be submitted to the Chair, Beth LaRocca-Pitts, at Resolutions must be submitted in Times New Roman, 14-point type, single spaced, with the following margins: top 1.25”; bottom 1”; left 1”; right 1.25”.  The submitters name, title, phone number, and email address must be included with the resolution.

The deadline for submitting resolutions to appear in the Annual Conference handbook is February 1 the year of the conference.  Resolutions submitted by February 1 may need additional processing which may preclude inclusion in the handbook. Resolutions may still be submitted after the deadline but will not be included in the handbook. Resolutions properly approved by the Resolution Committee and not included in the handbook must be presented to the Secretary of the Annual Conference 24 hours before the Resolution Committee report to the Annual Conference with 2,700 copies at the cost of the submitter.

The final deadline for submitting resolutions is 48 hours before the Resolution Committee report to the Annual Conference. This will allow the Committee to meet and review the resolution and will allow the Conference 24 hours to review the resolution.