Retirement Steps

  • Wespath provides information to all clergy who are eligible to retire at the next Annual Conference.
  • Per the Book of Discipline Paragraph 357, requests for retirement shall be stated in writing to the bishop, cabinet, and Board of Ordained Ministry, with a copy to Amy King, Conference Benefits Officer, one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the date on which retirement is to be effective.
  • The Benefits Office notifies Wespath that the clergy person is retiring.
  • Wespath provides the clergy person with an Intends to Retire letter that outlines the steps to take in regards to pension benefits.
  • If you are over 65, you will be provided with a Request for Employment Information form from the Conference Benefits Officer so that you may apply for Medicare Part B without penalty.
  • If you or your dependents are under 65, you/they may continue on your current Conference health insurance plan, but charged at the retirement rate. You must provide an Enrollment/Change Form indicating who to cover in Part 3 of the form to the Benefits Office thirty (30) days before your retirement at 
  • Provide the Via Benefits Enrollment form to the Benefits Office at Please only provide your retirement address on this form. The Benefits Office will fill out the remaining information. 
  • Retire at Annual Conference

After Retirement

  • To continue receiving the retiree medical benefit, if retired clergy choose to change their Medicare plan they must do so through ViaBenefits
  • To change your pension direct deposit bank account please return the Direct Deposit form to Wespath at the email address, fax number, or mailing address shown on the form. 
  • If you have questions about your retirement payments, please contact the Wespath Retirement Team at 1-800-883-4078. The Benefits Office cannot view your accounts once you retire. 
  • Pension and retirement income can be designated as a housing allowance. The resolutions pertaining to the housing allowance can be found in the Journal for the year prior to the current tax year. For example, the resolution for the 2021 tax year can be found in the 2020 journal. In addition, Wespath has provided instructions, found here and here, that will aid in preparing your tax return and designating pension benefits as housing
  • When the clergy person or spouse dies, the survivor notifies the Conference by emailing the Bishop at This information is provided to the Conference Benefits Office and we notify Wespath. Where applicable, the survivors will receive a CPP Death Benefit Payment. 
  • Ensure that your beneficiaries are updated if there are changes or deaths in your family. For instructions on updating your beneficiaries, please see the Wespath Beneficiary FAQ. 


Retirement Resources