Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 1/22/2020 6:23:28 PM The Measure of a Person The Measure of a Person Monday, January 20, marked the 37th celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. ... 1/22/2020 'If Only...' I Was Thinking… We often think in terms of ‘if only…’.  ‘If only I were rich…’  ‘If only I were ... 1/21/2020 Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool) The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the ... 1/21/2020 'Answer or Not?' I Was Thinking… I’m not sure I can write it better than Richard Rohr.  This is from a recent ... 1/14/2020 'Getting Along' I Was Thinking… “Why can’t we all just get along with one another?”  I love the way the letter of ... 1/7/2020 On The Journey Learning to Adapt to Change New Year’s Eve will mark my first anniversary of attending LA Fitness ... 1/1/2020 'Word of the Year' I Was Thinking… Can you say ‘distraction’?  When I think of 2019…I think ‘distraction’.  ... 12/31/2019 'An Alternate Way' I Was Thinking… Our Christmas gift to you is a story from one of my mentors and favorite preachers,... 12/24/2019 'A Child Leads' I Was Thinking… The prophet Isaiah proclaims, “The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall... 12/17/2019 'AND Witness' I Was Thinking… Patricia Holbrook in her Saturday’s AJC Commentary entitled “What will they say ... 12/10/2019 Merry Christmas I wish each of you a very Merry and safe Christmas! On the Journey, Quincy 12/10/2019 'Keeps On Giving' I Was Thinking… Perhaps you are shopping for something new and different this Christmas.  I have a ... 12/3/2019 Thanksgiving a Bit Early Earlier this week, I had a Thanksgiving Breakfast. Ok, so it's not what you think: there wasn... 11/20/2019 'Distracted' I Was Thinking… “The greatest enemy of thinking is busyness (business?).  I used to love a Zen ... 11/19/2019 'Agree to Disagree' I Was Thinking… Have you ever won an argument?  According to Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win ... 11/12/2019 'A Better Place I Was Thinking… What if we loved everyone in front of us…would the world be a better place? What ... 11/5/2019 Sunday's Coming Sunday will be a busy day. It will be the last of our 5 Zone Charge Conferences. It is also Daylight... 10/30/2019 'Cupcake' I Was Thinking… I cannot get it out of my head.  Kamille McKinney was only 3 years old.  She was ... 10/29/2019 'Choices' I Was Thinking… Back in the 1980’s, the fast food chain Wendy’s ran a famous TV ad depicting a ... 10/22/2019 Pastor Appreciation Month     It’s mid-October, and this means that it is Pastor Appreciation Month! I invite your... 10/16/2019 'Whose Are We?' I Was Thinking… Margaret J. Wheatley writes in her book, Who Do We Choose to Be? the following, “A ... 10/15/2019 'Bobbleheads' I Was Thinking… The newest craze in baseball promotion are ‘bobbleheads’.  I have several of these ... 10/8/2019 Autumn is Here.... Autumn is finally here. Well, at least that's what it says on the calendar. The sun ... 10/2/2019 'Confidence Factor' I Was Thinking… Atlanta Braves outfielder, Nick Markakis, who, by the way, is from Woodstock, ... 10/1/2019 An Inconvenient Truth I Was Thinking… Dr. Catherine Meeks, Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, spent... 9/24/2019 'The Way We Should Go' I Was Thinking… My friend and retired CEO of Primerica, John Addison is a big believer in ‘Focusing... 9/17/2019 Discipleship Path Does your church have an intentional discipleship path? Do you have a process for helping people ... 9/11/2019 'Chicken Sandwich' A Tennessee man is suing the fast-food chain, Popeyes for running out of its new, popular chicken ... 9/10/2019 ‘Reputation and Character’ I Was Thinking… I happened upon these words from Hersey Davis and thought them insightful. ... 9/3/2019 'Trees and Squash' I Was Thinking… Prior to becoming President of the United States, James Garfield was principal of ... 8/27/2019 Labor Day     There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. Tired of hearing him ... 8/27/2019 "Bear Down Church" I Was Thinking… In a recent Washington Post article, it was reported that local black bears in ... 8/20/2019 ‘Simplify Informania’ I Was Thinking… Henry David Thoreau was a 19th Century American essayist, poet and philosopher.  He... 8/13/2019 A Whale of a Rescue  3D Journey A Whale of A Rescue   A few weeks ago, during our time at Georgia Pastors ... 8/7/2019 ‘Good Out of Place’ I Was Thinking… It was Dr. Fred Craddock, the great teacher of preachers, who described sin as “... 8/6/2019 ‘A Lesson of Both’ I find the following thoughts from Phillip Yancey in his book Grace Notes insightful.  Perhaps you ... 7/30/2019 What Question are you Trying to Answer? What are the questions that your church is seeking to answer? For several congregations, this might ... 7/24/2019 “Elephants and Birds” I Was Thinking… “As an old African proverb has it, “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that ... 7/23/2019 ‘Choose Your Color’ I Was Thinking… In an attempt to be consoling and comforting a friend said to her friend who was ... 7/16/2019 Fresh Expressions: Doing What it Takes I was on the Wesley Heritage Tour in 2016 when I first experienced the full weight of responsibility... 7/15/2019 The Mayo Experience  3D Journey The Mayo Experience   Last week marked the seven-year check up on my ... 7/10/2019 ‘All-Star Week’ I Was Thinking… You may or you may not be a baseball fan.  I am more than a fan…I’m an avid fan. ... 7/9/2019 ‘Face It’ I Was Thinking… When we put a face on an issue it is amazing how our perspective on the issue can ... 7/2/2019 July 1, 2019 My Dear Friends,                 I greet you in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ who makes us ... 7/1/2019 To Know Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. It’s hard to believe that the “King ... 6/26/2019 ‘Spirit Song’ I Was Thinking… One of my favorite contemporary hymns in our United Methodist hymnal is “Spirit ... 6/25/2019 ‘Stay Home’ I Was Thinking… My passion is to love folks into the Kingdom of God.  I strongly believe the world ... 6/18/2019 ‘WWJD’ I Was Thinking… I’m not one who thinks that clichés are necessarily profound.  However, they do ... 6/11/2019 Annual Conference  3D Journey ANNUAL CONFERENCE On Tuesday, June 11, I will be in Athens, GA ... 6/5/2019 ‘Safe Place’ I Was Thinking… Next week the 153rd North Georgia Annual Conference will begin and end with the ... 6/4/2019
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