Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 10/22/2018 3:04:19 PM ‘Leadership Relationship’   I Was Thinking… In a recent devotional time I read these words… “If you want to influence others,... 10/16/2018 Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool) What does a disciple of Jesus look like from a spiritual perspective? Another way to ask this ... 10/16/2018 Cracking the Code What do a small yellow sign with black lettering and an arrow and the phrase “beef not got bone, ... 10/10/2018 ‘Always On My Mind’   I Was Thinking… It is Sunday Evening as I write to you, the clergy and laity of the AMAR ... 10/9/2018 ‘Coloring Book’   I Was Thinking… Several years ago the Church staff where I was appointed at the time gave me “The... 10/2/2018 90-Days Until Christmas 90-Days Until Christmas I couldn’t believe my eyes! The dashboard thermometer display in my car ... 9/26/2018 ‘Stress’   I Was Thinking… According to scripture Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, was in such a state of... 9/25/2018 ‘Swing for the Fences’   I Was Thinking… If you are an Atlanta Braves fan then you are like me…Happy and thrilled at their... 9/18/2018 DNA, Culture and Values Have you ever hit a wall of resistance with a new idea for a ministry? Whether you're a new pastor... 9/12/2018 ‘Twister’ I Was Thinking… One of the popular games of my youth was the game ‘Twister’.  I’ve noticed that it ... 9/11/2018 ‘Soul Food’ I Was Thinking… I am always amazed at how well they work together.  They are a team and everyone ... 9/4/2018 Welcome The Atlanta-Roswell District of The United Methodist Church is made up of more than United Methodist... 8/31/2018 Slow and Steady Wins the Race There once was a speedy hare that bragged about how fast he could run.  Tired of hearing him boast, ... 8/29/2018 ‘Calm, Connected and on Course’ I Was Thinking… Did you know that our brains don’t process information and learn well when we are ... 8/28/2018 ‘Moccasin Wearing’ I Was Thinking… Earlier in life I sarcastically rolled my eyes at the popular bumper sticker of ... 8/21/2018 Grits and Grace for the Journey Once a month, when I attend cabinet meetings at the Conference Office, several of the cabinet ... 8/15/2018 ‘Stinking Thinking’   I Was Thinking… The people of the Atlanta-Marietta District are wonderfully gracious in so many ... 8/14/2018 Full STEAM Ahead By Rev. Jenny Anderson Hopewell UMC in Tyrone has a great philosophy about how to be in partnership... 8/13/2018 ‘Listen to Yourself’   I Was Thinking… My baby book records that my first word was ‘ball’.  Shortly after that I learned... 8/7/2018 The Shape of the River   A longtime colleague of mine frequently reminds me of a reflection on leadership that impacted ... 8/1/2018 ‘My Goodness’ I Was Thinking… A gracious soul sent me a note of encouragement last week.  It lifted my spirit.  ... 7/31/2018 ‘On Purpose’   I Was Thinking… Purpose is mighty important piece of any plan.  “What is the purpose?” becomes a ... 7/24/2018 ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’   I Was Thinking… I remember the first time I heard it.  I was stunned, but in a very good way.  I ... 7/17/2018 Culture Eats Strategy Culture Eats Strategy Have you heard the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast?” It’s the ... 7/17/2018 re:Vision - Camp Create Welcome to Camp Create By Rev. Cyndi McDonald Like most good ... 7/16/2018 Camp Meeting   I Was Thinking… I am a child of ‘Camp Meeting’.  As a United Methodist Pastor’s son I didn’t ... 7/10/2018 KidMin UnConference Sparks New Ideas and Deep Connection KidMin UnConference Sparks New Ideas and Deep Connection This spring ... 7/8/2018 ‘Blind Spots’   I Was Thinking… I’m not sure where I first heard it but I’ve said for most of my adult life… “The... 7/3/2018 ‘Life is Good’ I Was Thinking… This time of year reminds me of summers gone by and family vacations.  We’ve always... 6/26/2018 Marriage Retreat Leads Couple to Church Marriage Retreat Drew Us to Church By Terrae Ward After dating long-distance for only four months, ... 6/25/2018 Greetings to the Great Gainesville District Greetings to the Great Gainesville District!  I am delighted to join in the ministry and mission ... 6/22/2018 A Path For The Church Do you remember the game Candy Land? If you’re not familiar with the iconic board game, please ... 6/20/2018 ‘The Beauty of ‘Us’ I Was Thinking… I’ve never been one for labels.  I think they are dangerous because in each label ... 6/19/2018 ‘God Idea’ I Was Thinking… Have you ever run across someone that you thought was a ‘control freak’?  I know I ... 6/12/2018 Family, Friends and Football On Monday, I made a trip to my hometown to visit my family.  As with most of my family gatherings, ... 6/6/2018 Meet M.A.P By Nate Juvinall Metro Atlanta Project or M.A.P. for short is a student-led/adult-supported mission ... 6/4/2018 ‘Soul Massage’ I Was Thinking… How is it with your soul?  That is an important question.  For the past several ... 5/29/2018 Disc Golf Church By Rev. Jeff Rogers Chamblee First UMC is blessed with a beautiful campus. The building sits on ... 5/28/2018 There’s No “I” in Team But There’s an “I” in CHURCH When It’s Turned Sideways On Mother’s Day, Dionne and I attended worship at Crossroads Church in Conyers.  During the Children... 5/23/2018 ‘Understanding’ I Was Thinking… It doesn’t surprise you when I say that there are a lot of things in this world ... 5/22/2018 Pastoral Pup By Rev. Dr. Jessica Terrell In one of my former churches, the children’s... 5/21/2018 ‘Immediately’ I Was Thinking… Have you ever had an ‘immediate moment’?  In Matthew’s Gospel it is recorded that ... 5/15/2018 Open Doors and a Borrowed Van By Catherine Hart A funny thing happened during our older adult outing on April 26. We're all ... 5/14/2018 Can the Church Help Others Become Heroes of their Stories? Have you seen the Avengers: Infinity War movie? I've seen it once, and I’m scheduled to see it ... 5/9/2018 ‘Focus’ I Was Thinking… Everyday pressures are real!  We all have good days and bad days.  Someone once ... 5/8/2018 ‘Sooner’ I Was Thinking… A mother was telling her little girl about life on the farm when she was growing ... 5/1/2018 re:Vision - Death Cafe: A New Ministry of Our Church Death Cafe: A New Ministry of Our Church? By Rev. Dr. Mark ... 4/30/2018 Leaving a Legacy: Seeing a Bigger Picture On yesterday, I attended my first meeting of the Committee of 100, a group of Candler School of ... 4/26/2018 ‘Holy Journey’   I Was Thinking… A United Methodist Pastor journeys God’s call.  In that journey there is a ... 4/24/2018 ‘Inspiration’ I Was Thinking… Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, ... 4/17/2018
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