Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 10/1/2020 1:58:22 AM The MacGyver Way of Seeing   The MacGyver Way of Seeing   Does the name Angus “Mac” MacGyver ring a bell? If you remember 80s ... 9/30/2020 Mind the Gap Between Stuff and Sayings Many churches have a mission statement and perhaps even a vision statement. But have you ever ... 9/16/2020 On the Journey We're living a strange world. I can't believe that the dog days of August are here! School is ... 8/5/2020 Finding A Life's Calling Finding a Life’s Calling   This year marks 30 years since I graduated from college. I was the ... 7/22/2020 What's Next? One of the most paralyzing questions that people ask during a transition is: What’s next? When ... 7/8/2020 'Blessings' I Was Thinking… One never quite knows where life’s journey will take them.  The story of life ... 6/30/2020 What's The Story Driving You?   This month marks the 25th anniversary of my ordination in the United Methodist Church. Over the ... 6/24/2020 'Both/And Living' I Was Thinking… Is it possible to live in a ‘both/and’ world?  We seem to be living in days of ‘... 6/23/2020 Paralysis of Analysis I Was Thinking… It is a problem of ethics.  You have an opportunity to solve the problem.  You are ... 6/16/2020 Hovering Over the Hurricane It’s hurricane season. As I write, Tropical Storm Cristobal is crawling across Mexico and about to ... 6/10/2020 'Fair or Foul?' I Was Thinking… In baseball (which I miss by the way) there is a ‘foul line’ that runs from home ... 6/9/2020 'Silence Is Violence' I Was Thinking… In Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point’, he writes how an idea can skyrocket... 6/2/2020 Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool) The mission of The United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the ... 6/2/2020 Transitions During July and September, we will experience several transitions throughout the district. The ... 5/27/2020 'Say Something' I Was Thinking… There are people who ‘have something to say’…and then there are people who ‘have to... 5/26/2020 Opportunity or Opportunist I Was Thinking… Opportunity – noun – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.... 5/19/2020 Discipleship: Bridge Building with X’s and O’s I have a fundamental belief that churches need to produce disciples who build bridges that connect ... 5/13/2020 'At Hello' I Was Thinking… Some of us are dog lovers and some of us are cat lovers…I suppose it is possible ... 5/12/2020 'Good Old Days' I Was Thinking… Aren’t old photos fun?  They make us laugh and they make us cry.  I have a photo ... 5/5/2020 Easter Creates Adaptive Disciples How was your Easter? Easter was very different for me this year. It forced me to embody the Easter ... 4/29/2020 'Shielding Others' I Was Thinking… The Spartans, a warrior society in ancient Greece, were feared and revered for ... 4/28/2020 'We Win' I Was Thinking… Like you, I’ve been doing my best to focus on the positive in these days of “... 4/21/2020 Lessons from Kermit the Frog The days of the weeks have blurred together. I believe that this is day 34 of my physical ... 4/15/2020 'Rhythms' I Was Thinking… Rhythms are important in life.  In Georgia we are people of seasonal rhythms.  Our ... 4/14/2020 Easter  My Dear Clergy and Churches of the Rome-Carrollton District,   You have been in my prayers and on ... 4/8/2020 'Troubled' I Was Thinking… Have you ever been skeptical about something?  The adjective word ‘skeptical’ ... 4/7/2020 Living In The Wilderness Have you gone stir-crazy from cabin fever yet? If it weren't for Dionne's birthday on Tuesday, March... 4/1/2020 'Upstream' I Was Thinking… “In the small fishing village, in the mid thirteenth century, by the Warlegan ... 3/31/2020 'Adjective Shifting' I Was Thinking… Here are some definitions…Introvert-a shy reticent person; Extrovert-an outgoing, ... 3/24/2020 'Uncharted' I Was Thinking… Have you been uncertain as to what to think about COVID-19 “Corona Virus”?  I have ... 3/17/2020 Engagement: Asking About Life In just fourteen days, my new book Discipleship Path will hit the presses! I’m excited ... 3/17/2020 Blockhead I Was Thinking… In Christopher Ritter’s book entitled Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do ... 3/10/2020 Community Engagement What questions are people in your community asking? I've asked several congregations in the ... 3/4/2020 Change I Was Thinking… Do any of us enjoy change?  Perhaps you’ve encountered the quote, “The Only thing ... 3/3/2020 'Who Can Be Trusted?' I Was Thinking… There is much in the air these days about trust and it’s lacking in our world.  Who... 2/25/2020 Prayers   Prayer Do you remember the bedtime prayer, “Now He lay me down to sleep?” If you’re like me, ... 2/19/2020 Why? I Was Thinking… Yogi Berra, the well-known catcher for the New York Yankees, and Hank Aaron, who at... 2/18/2020 'Have a Heart' I Was Thinking… I remember the sound of our children’s first heartbeat.  Our children were born in ... 2/11/2020 Leadership Pipeline Leadership Pipeline Over the past few years, I have worked with churches to develop a leadership ... 2/5/2020 'Red Shoes' I Was Thinking… My mentor in preaching, Dr. Fred Craddock, died of complications due to Parkinson’s... 2/4/2020 'Throwing Furniture' I Was Thinking… Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to throw furniture?  We certainly know ... 1/28/2020 The Measure of a Person The Measure of a Person Monday, January 20, marked the 37th celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. ... 1/22/2020 'If Only...' I Was Thinking… We often think in terms of ‘if only…’.  ‘If only I were rich…’  ‘If only I were ... 1/21/2020 'Answer or Not?' I Was Thinking… I’m not sure I can write it better than Richard Rohr.  This is from a recent ... 1/14/2020 'Getting Along' I Was Thinking… “Why can’t we all just get along with one another?”  I love the way the letter of ... 1/7/2020 On The Journey Learning to Adapt to Change New Year’s Eve will mark my first anniversary of attending LA Fitness ... 1/1/2020 'Word of the Year' I Was Thinking… Can you say ‘distraction’?  When I think of 2019…I think ‘distraction’.  ... 12/31/2019 'An Alternate Way' I Was Thinking… Our Christmas gift to you is a story from one of my mentors and favorite preachers,... 12/24/2019 'A Child Leads' I Was Thinking… The prophet Isaiah proclaims, “The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall... 12/17/2019 'AND Witness' I Was Thinking… Patricia Holbrook in her Saturday’s AJC Commentary entitled “What will they say ... 12/10/2019
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