Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 5/23/2018 2:45:28 PM ‘Understanding’ I Was Thinking… It doesn’t surprise you when I say that there are a lot of things in this world ... 5/22/2018 Pastoral Pup By Rev. Dr. Jessica Terrell In one of my former churches, the children’s... 5/21/2018 Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool) Aiming toward September, we are working through stages one and two of selecting and inviting people ... 5/16/2018 ‘Immediately’ I Was Thinking… Have you ever had an ‘immediate moment’?  In Matthew’s Gospel it is recorded that ... 5/15/2018 Open Doors and a Borrowed Van By Catherine Hart A funny thing happened during our older adult outing on April 26. We're all ... 5/14/2018 Can the Church Help Others Become Heroes of their Stories? Have you seen the Avengers: Infinity War movie? I've seen it once, and I’m scheduled to see it ... 5/9/2018 ‘Focus’ I Was Thinking… Everyday pressures are real!  We all have good days and bad days.  Someone once ... 5/8/2018 ‘Sooner’ I Was Thinking… A mother was telling her little girl about life on the farm when she was growing ... 5/1/2018 re:Vision - Death Cafe: A New Ministry of Our Church Death Cafe: A New Ministry of Our Church? By Rev. Dr. Mark ... 4/30/2018 Leaving a Legacy: Seeing a Bigger Picture On yesterday, I attended my first meeting of the Committee of 100, a group of Candler School of ... 4/26/2018 ‘Holy Journey’   I Was Thinking… A United Methodist Pastor journeys God’s call.  In that journey there is a ... 4/24/2018 ‘Inspiration’ I Was Thinking… Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, ... 4/17/2018 re:Vision - Putting 'Contemporary' Back Into the Worship Space Putting 'Contemporary' Back Into the Worship Space By Rev. Jeremy ... 4/16/2018 Transition Management A few weeks ago, I met with David Carr a Ph.D. student and ministry candidate from Eastside UMC. ... 4/11/2018 ‘Alleluia’   I Was Thinking… I continue to find inspiration from Joan Chittister’s book The Rule of Benedict, ... 4/10/2018 re:Vision - They Met Their Goal! They Met Their Goal!  By Lindsey Solomon In June of 2017, The ... 4/9/2018 ‘Serenity’   I Was Thinking… In the summer of 1934 a theologian named Reinhold Niebur was vacationing in his ... 4/3/2018 The Meaning of Easter He was too heavy. He squirmed with nervous energy. His legs were getting restless, and he needed ... 3/28/2018 ‘Profound’   I Was Thinking… This is a profound week.  We call it ‘Holy/Passion Week’.  Lent accelerates to a ... 3/27/2018 re:Vision - Dinner Church: Taking the Church Jesus Loves to the People Jesus Loves   By Rev. Heather Jallad Burnett Elementary School is 1.4 miles from... 3/26/2018 ‘Leadership is the Key’   I Was Thinking… Leadership is the Key.  I have always had a keen interest in ‘leadership’.  I ... 3/20/2018 re:Vision - The Branch The Branch By Andrew Covington This time last year, I, like many ... 3/19/2018 Connecting with the Nones Elizabeth was twenty-one when I first met her ten years ago. At the time, she was struggling to ... 3/14/2018 ‘Rhythm’   I Was Thinking… The experience of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ has me thinking about rhythm.  Losing an... 3/13/2018 ‘Good-Tired’ I Was Thinking… A weekend with a two-year-old is exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time. ... 3/6/2018 Try It This Week (A Discipleship Tool) Discipleship takes TIME.  In The Master Plan of Evangelism, ... 3/6/2018 re:Vision - Start With One Start with One By Rev. Sam Dawkins   When I started college in 2007 ... 3/5/2018 Two Retreats: Bookends on a Faith Journey   Those of you who have spent a weekend with teenagers helping them focus away from the everyday ... 3/2/2018 Leadership Is No Laughing Matter When I was a child the guys in my family would play "Double-Dog-Dare." Our version of the game had a... 2/28/2018 “Perhaps”   I Was Thinking… Someone once said “The struggles we hide are the struggles that consume us.”  I ... 2/27/2018 re:Vision - A Passion for Prayer A Passion for Prayer By Rev. Ann Garvin In October of last year our ... 2/26/2018 Worship Leadership Network On Thursday evening, February 22, 2018, the Worship Leadership Network met at Quest UMC in the ... 2/26/2018 re:Vision - Chess Club Chess Club: This Too is the Work of the Church   By Rev. John Merk ... 2/21/2018 ‘Making a Difference’ ‘Making a Difference’ I Was Thinking… There were two old men living in the backwoods of east Texas ... 2/20/2018 From Ashes to Riches  3D Journey   A rich man's wife became sick.  When her death was drawing near, she ... 2/14/2018 ‘For Such a Time as This’ I Was Thinking… I am enjoying many things about the Winter Olympics.  The beauty of the snow and ... 2/13/2018 Toyota and T-Mobile   I Was Thinking… I enjoyed the Super Bowl!  It would have been better if the Falcons had returned ... 2/6/2018 re:Vision - Time to ReNew Time to ReNew By Rev. Will Zant We recently introduced the Cannon ... 2/5/2018 District Generosity Initiative   Today, January 31 is the deadline for the End of Year Reports for our churches. In this report, ... 1/31/2018 Money Costs   I Was Thinking… Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that “Money often costs too much”.  I have lived ... 1/30/2018 Are You Bent? For quite a while, I have been a frustrated violinist. I’ve had problems making pure, clear notes on... 1/29/2018 ‘Fomo or Fiat?’   I Was Thinking… I have decided that the opposite of faith is not doubt.  Wrestling with doubt can... 1/23/2018 Who Exactly Is Our Neighbor?   Who Exactly Is Our Neighbor? By Rev. Leah Cunningham One of the challenges of the ... 1/22/2018 Practice What You Preach! When I went to college, I had to find creative ways to integrate my curious mind with an active ... 1/19/2018 ‘What is More Important?’   I Was Thinking… What is more important (a) the Church or (b) the Kingdom of God?  It depends.  ... 1/16/2018 We Are Champions! I Was Thinking… Third Day Thoughts are usually written a few days ahead of the third day of the ... 1/9/2018 CrossFit Bible Study CrossFit Bible Study By Tim Benjamin One of the first things you learn about CrossFit is that it ... 1/8/2018 A New Year New Year’s Day is the oldest of all known holidays celebrated in the world.  And it seems that ... 1/4/2018 First and Last   I Was Thinking… Let me begin the New Year with a confession.  I have always wanted to be ‘first’.... 1/2/2018 ‘Inn Between’   I Was Thinking… In Gainesville, Georgia (not to be confused with Gainesville, Florida and that ... 12/26/2017
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