Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 12/13/2017 1:09:59 PM Best Gifts   I Was Thinking… Some of the best gifts received are not recognized as gifts when they arrive. ... 12/12/2017 ‘Can’t Never Could’   I Was Thinking… I read a few weeks ago some thoughts that have continued to live with me.  They ... 12/5/2017 Christmas Chaos Christmas Chaos Like many of you, I'm already behind on my Christmas preparation.  We still have ... 11/29/2017 ‘Complaints of Christmas’   I Was Thinking… Should it be offensive that Christmas decorations are now on store shelves ... 11/28/2017 Try It This Week! (A Weekly Discipleship Tool) Commit the fifth (and final) key of discipleship to memory: thus far, we've learned four keys of ... 11/28/2017 ‘Lemonade People’   I Was Thinking… I am thankful for the grateful hearts of people whose lives have crossed my life’... 11/21/2017 Being Thankful Being Thankful Thanksgiving, the simple, mostly non-commercialized holiday, is often overlooked in ... 11/15/2017 A Great Awakening   I Was Thinking… Do we need another ‘Great Awakening’?  The ‘First Great Awakening’ swept through ... 11/14/2017 Grace I recognize that sometimes it is best to start small, so I decided recently to stop eating French ... 11/14/2017 Save the Date: Building Worship Bridges with Cathy Townley April 18, 2018! WORSHIP is the BRIDGE that connects the church to its community. Unfortunately, most churches today ... 11/14/2017 Community, Conversation, and Chicken Wings A Wing and a Prayer By Rev. Blake Trent Like so many of the churches in our conference,... 11/13/2017 ‘Complete the Sentence’ I Was Thinking… Complete the following sentence:  “Where there is smoke there’s…” A first grade ... 11/7/2017 Does Your Worship Move? On Saturday, Nov. 4, Impact UMC, in partnership with the Office of Congregational Development and ... 11/7/2017 Georgia Tech Wesley Foundation & Tenth Street Underwood UMC Partner to Serve On Saturday, November 4, 2018, the Georgia Tech Wesley Foundation, Tenth Street Underwood Memorial ... 11/7/2017 We Got it Today! ATHN Children's Ministry Gathering I had the best time yesterday in Athens! (No, the Dawgs weren’t playing, though I did visit the ... 11/7/2017 Is Your Church Ready to Receive Guests? Worship is the most important thing we do on Sunday as the Church - the body of Christ. Pastors and ... 11/3/2017 Seeing God's Gifts in People of All Abilities What a joy it is to be able to be in ministry with "people of all abilities!"  That was the "take ... 11/3/2017 A New Way of Seeing Ever since I was a child in Sunday school, I have always been fascinated with Jesus.  As a child, I ... 11/1/2017 United Methodist Children's Home finds a new Home! Today, members of the Board of Trustees, local dignitaries, long time supporters, former residents, ... 11/1/2017 ‘Masks and Make-Up’ I Was Thinking… This is the season of masks and make-up.  I remember so many disguises across the ... 10/31/2017 UMCOR Badge Makers This week offered the usual rhythm of email, phone calls, miles, and meetings. One new gathering was... 10/27/2017 Georgia Higher Education Commission As a member of the board of the Georgia Commission on Higher Education, I was privileged to ... 10/26/2017 ‘Friday the 13th’   I Was Thinking… On Friday the 13th, I had my 6 month check-up with my physician.  I’m not sure ... 10/24/2017 600 Students and Volunteers Participate in Rooted This October, nearly 600 students and volunteers from all over the North Georgia Conference traveled... 10/24/2017 SEJ Black Methodists for Church Renewal The Black Methodists for Church Renewal met in Atlanta October 19-21 for its 49th year. The meeting ... 10/20/2017 Welcome to the Blog: Every Day is Different Welcome to the Connectional Ministries blog! The CM team will be sharing occasional updates in story... 10/18/2017 Why Systems Matter WHY SYSTEMS MATTER  I'm halfway through Charge Conference season! My schedule of visiting all 56 ... 10/18/2017 ‘Not One. Not Two’   I Was Thinking… “How does a person seek union with God?” the seeker asked.  “The harder you seek,... 10/17/2017 A Night of Awareness A huge THANK YOU this evening to the pastoral staff, the people of Sam Jones UMC and the Northwest ... 10/17/2017 Connectional Ministries Board Meeting The Connectional Ministries Board met to celebrate the ways we have been connecting local churches ... 10/14/2017 ELI Applications Open for Youth in Your Congregation Most people never dive deeply into who God created them to be and how God created them to lead. ELI ... 10/13/2017 KidMin Leaders Connecting The North Georgia Conference is blessed with dedicated, creative, and faithful Children's Ministry ... 10/13/2017 Thank You For Giving, Now Consider Going North Georgia United Methodists from more than 300 congregations have given more than $400,000 to ... 10/13/2017 Planning the Next Chapter of the Philippines Bridge Dr. Glenn Paraso, Global Ministries Board member and member of the Good Samaritan UMC in Quezon ... 10/12/2017 Meeting With National Young People's Ministry Leaders Spent an enjoyable 3 days with the national young people's Ministry leaders. This is a wonderful ... 10/11/2017 ‘A Soul Matter’ I Was Thinking… Have you noticed that conflict is everywhere?  According to an Executive Coaching ... 10/10/2017 Welcome That Atlanta Roswell District 10/10/2017 Have A Little Faith Have a Little Faith   Some days are difficult than others.  Who hasn't experienced this on a rainy ... 10/4/2017 ‘Remembered Well’ I Was Thinking… This past Sunday was World Communion Sunday.  All over the world and in all of the ... 10/3/2017 ‘Each Other’s Skin’ I Was Thinking… When I was in the ninth grade at Spalding County Junior High School, our school ... 9/26/2017 Fall Is On The Way Fall is on the Way When I was involved in campus ministry, I had a student whose spiritual ... 9/20/2017 “A God-Thing”   I Was Thinking… I read this past week that a bride-to-be said “It was a God-thing that Hurricane ... 9/19/2017 re:Vision - Caregivers Ministry at Due West By Sheila Welch Every 66 seconds another person is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and must have care. ... 9/18/2017 Have You Heard the News? I Was Thinking… Have you heard the news?  The world is coming to an end!  That’s right, with all ... 9/12/2017 Bridge Building with X’s and O’s I have a fundamental belief that churches need to produce disciples who build bridges ... 9/6/2017 ‘From the Lips of God’ I Was Thinking… I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s book entitled Under the Unpredictable Plant: An... 9/5/2017 Memory Loss I Was Thinking… Do you ever struggle with memory loss?  I know I do.  For example I attended the ... 8/29/2017 “How Much Does a Miracle Cost?” I Was Thinking… She made her way six blocks to that small town’s drug store (as they called it).  ... 8/22/2017 re:Vision - BBQ Bob Blues Festival By Rev. Theresa Coleman On September 9 Walnut Grove UMC will host “Barbeque Bob” Blues Festival, a ... 8/21/2017 'Not So Anymore' I Was Thinking… It used to be that the world seemed so big.  Watching the news on television of ... 8/15/2017
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