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Sabbath Life Program Enriched Clergy Participants:

Two New Groups Open for 2023


In today’s fast-paced world, the idea of taking a Sabbath day of rest seems next to impossible. With calendars crammed full of appointments and to-do lists and with email inboxes that never seem to empty, the idea of Sabbath has been regulated to a few minutes a few times a week or to a few hopeful hours at best. Sadly, for many, the idea of ceasing to work for even a short period of time is completely foreign. Is the idea of Sabbath out-of-date in our modern times or better yet, how can we revive this important ancient tradition and incorporate it in our lives today?
In August, eleven clergy persons committed to making this idea of Sabbath a reality in The North Georgia Conference’s first Sabbath Life group. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Join the Next Sabbath Life Cohort

All North Georgia UMC Clergy (Elders, Deacons, Local Pastors, Provisional Clergy, Retired Clergy) serving full-time or part-time

Mondays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on February 20, March 20, April 17, May 15

Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on February 23, March 23, April 20, May 18

At a farm located just outside of Cumming near the Forsyth/Cherokee County line

$200 per participant


To learn more about this opportunity, 
contact Rev. Leigh Martin
Center for Clergy Excellence, Program Coordinator or 678-533-1372 


Embody a way of life grounded in the practice of Sabbath

We believe that God made the world and all of creation for the purpose of delight: God’s and ours. After God created in six days the beautiful and well-ordered world, God created Sabbath, a time for ceasing from work to delight in all that had been created.

To practice Sabbath is to enter into the joy of God, who responded to creation by naming it “very good.” Sabbath teaches us the practices of celebration, attentiveness, and delight. 

Sabbath Life is an invitation to clergy and ministry professionals to practice the rhythms of Sabbath, stepping away from our daily lives to delight in God, creation, and each other. This unique format offers a holistic approach to good health and clergy renewal, which in turn leads to flourishing congregations and communities. 

For a glimpse into what Sabbath Life is all about, watch this video: 

Rhythm of the Day

The day begins at 9am in the garden with welcome, gathering, and an invitation to delight in the work of growing food together. At the end of the morning (11am), we move into a time of worship and gather around the table for Holy Communion and a simple feast of local, seasonal food, prepared on site.

For two hours in the early afternoon (1-3pm), we practice shared silence, during which participants can engage in a time of meditation or prayer, a book, rest, a walk, journaling or a creative practice, or simply waiting on God.

We end the day by gathering around 3pm for a brief time of reflection on the day and how God is moving in our lives. At 4pm, we depart for home refreshed, renewed and reconnected with God, each other, and with creation.



Meet the Honorary Members of This Sabbath Life Cohort:                  Oreo, Ginger, and Hershey