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Safe Sanctuaries Trainers


Trainers prepared to train on creating a Safe Sanctuaries Policy:

Contact Mimi Sanders at mimi_sanders@tfumc.org

Trainers prepared to train local church staff and volunteers: Currently, trainings thru the conference are being held via Zoom. Contact Mimi Sanders at mimi_sanders@tfumc.org for more information or to schedule.

Central North District

Catherine Boothe Olsen  catherine.boothe@ngumc.net

Candace Johnson           cjohnson@ssumc.org

Bob Lawrence                  rlawrence96@gmail.com

Sam Townsend                sam.townsend@ngumc.net

George Lanier                  george.lanier@ngumc.net


Central South District

Kathy Brockman               kathy.brockman@ngumc.net

Dena Kitchens                  dbkadventures@gmail.com

Bob Lawrence                  rlawrence96@gmail.com

Anjie Woodworth              anjie.woodworth@ngumc.net


Central East District

Katie Atcheson                 katie@graysonumc.org

Kristen Crawford              kristenkcrawford@gmail.com

Jeff Fuller                         jefferyfuller61@comcast.net

Emily Whiten                    emily.whiten@ngumc.net


Central West District

Pat Dunbar                      patricia.dunbar@ngumc.net

Kate Morris                      kate@acworthumc.org

DeDe Reilly                      dedereilly@comcast.net


North East District

Hugh Hendrickson           hugh.hendrickson@ngumc.net

Renee Hilley                     renee@jfumc.com

Tyler Flowers                    tyler.flowers@ngumc.net


North West District

Hannah Harwood             hharwood@samjonesumc.org

Shari Rates                      shari.rates@ngumc.net

Anne Hansen                   ahans2n@gmail.com


South East District

Mary Edith Kirkland         maryedith.kirkland@ngumc.net


South West District

Linda Dickerson                 macjdickerson@numail.org

Shannon Karafanda           shannon.karafanda@ngumc.net

Kim Reindl                          kim.reindl@gmail.com

Debby Stikes                      debby.stikes@griffin-fumc.org