Safe Sanctuaries Trainers


Trainers prepared to train on creating a Safe Sanctuaries Policy:

Contact Debby Fox at 

Trainers prepared to train local church staff and volunteers:

Atlanta College Park District

Catherine Boothe  

Jeff Fuller               

Bob Lawrence        

Sam Townsend      


Atlanta Decatur Oxford District

George Lanier        

Bob Lawrence        

Brenda Jones Lewis


Atlanta Emory District

Katie Atcheson       

Kristen Crawford    

Mimi Sanders         

Anjie Woodworth    


Atlanta Marietta District

Pat Dunbar             

Marcie Millholland  

Kate Morris            

DeDe Reilly            


Atlanta Roswell District

Kathy Brockman    

Pat Dunbar            

Candace Johnson 

Dena Kitchens       


Athens Elberton District

Emily Case            

Marjorie Graham   

Anne Hansen         

Belinda Pinnow      


Augusta District

Hugh Hendrickson 

Mary Edith Kirkland

Mickey Moss          

Sarah Mundy