Safe Sanctuaries Training and Background Checks (NEW)

The North Georgia Conference provides Safe Sanctuaries training and background checks using Trak1 Technology.

About Trak1

1. The only cost to churches is the actual cost of the training and/or background checks. The North Georgia Conference is covering the set-up fee, the monthly fee and the invoice fee.

2. There is flexibility in how each individual church may set up their account. They may elect to have volunteers/staff register for the background checks online themselves or the church may serve as the gate keeper of that process, entering the info for each individual that needs a background check. The church may elect to pay for the background checks or have the volunteer/staff member pay for their own.

3. The names of all individuals checked by the Conference or any local church that has chosen to use Trak1 will be kept in one database by Trak1 so that if a background check has already been done and is recent enough a new check will not have to be done, eliminating duplication of background checks and associated fees. Get Started:

Local churches may click HERE to register with Trak1. Enter our Conference password when prompted: ngeorgia123. Once you set up your own church account you will select your own password for your church account.

About Background Checks

Trak-1 Technology is a premier provider of nationwide employment screening, resident screening and volunteer screening data and related background software since 1996. Trak-1 Technology currently provides screening solutions for 21 United Methodist Church Conferences throughout the country and offers an easy and affordable option to thoroughly evaluate the people you depend on.

Connectional Cafe Training

Training for individual volunteers is only offered through Trak1, although group training on how to create or update your church policy are available through Connectional Cafe.