Scope of Methodism in Georgia

Methodist roots have always run deep through Georgia’s fertile soil.  

Since its early beginnings as a movement, the legacy of what we now call the United Methodist Church continues to make a transformational impact in our state. 

In the two documents listed below, you will find what a difference The United Methodist Church—and United Methodists—are making.  As you read this, remember that this isn’t just a document of stagnant numbers, but rather, a celebration of God’s people doing God’s work. 

Yes, United Methodists are continuing to make a difference in Georgia.


Resources for your use ...

At-a-glance cover sheet

Use this document if you would like a brief and to-the-point synopsis of United Methodists in Georgia. 

Scope of Methodism document

Use this document for a more in depth look at how United Methodists are making a difference in Georgia. 

Please note that all facts and figures are based on the 2009 Fiscal Year