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Serving on Staff at Retreats

Within a year we use youth and adults to plan and staff eight different retreats in the North Georgia Conference. The two Children's Retreats, the Fifth Grade Retreat, two Confirmation Retreats, and three Spiritual Life Retreats all need staffing with adults as well as older youth. Ask yourself if this is something God is calling you to do.

Staff and planners are critical to the implementation of every weekend. Without the help of our volunteer staff and a planning team, the youth would not receive the attention they deserve nor would we be able to provide the essentials for a quality retreat. We need high school students, college students and adults to serve on staff.

If you are interested in being a part of this staff (in any capacity) you first need to be aware of Staff and Team GUIDELINES:

a) Volunteers must be 13 or older. If you are 18 and older, you’ll need to complete a permission form for us to run a Background Check. (A background check is not needed if you are only serving on the planning team and not working a retreat weekend.)

b) Volunteers must be available at Camp Glisson Friday night by 5:30 pm (except for the 5th grade Retreat which begins on Saturday morning) until Sunday at 12:00 pm. on the weekend of the retreat. Plan to be there the entire weekend.

c) Staff responsibilities include an assortment of duties:

  • You will be assigned to a certain ‘team’ for the weekend, and that will be your task. You may be preparing, setting up, leading small groups or activities, etc.
  • If you serve on the SLR staff you will be required to attend a few "pre-retreat" meetings through the year as we plan and prepare for what God is doing through us.
  • During the retreat weekend you will lodge at a designated sleeping area. This is your lodging space for the weekend.
  • You will be expected to obey the rules of the camp. A staff person is responsible for showing the importance of rules. You are an example.
  • You will be expected to be as supportive to youth and youth leaders as possible.
  • You will be given curriculum weeks in advance so you can prepare for the leadership to which you are called.

The possibilities are endless….so be prepared! Warning: You will be working hard but the rewards are heavenly!

In an attempt to maximize Staff efficiency and leadership development while still staying safe for the current COVID disruption, we plan to limit staff to 20 per weekend on the Spiritual Life Retreats, 15 on the Confirmation Retreat weekend, and only 10 on the Children's Retreats. Prayerful consideration will go into each and every staff application, and the team will be built on a number of criteria. Thanks to various scholarships given by some districts, staff members will not have to pay for their service.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Hannah Stubblefield here.

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