So Be It: A Lenten Journey in Covenant Prayer


Thanks to the generosity of North Georgia United Methodists, the North Georgia Conference Center for Congregational Excellence has compiled and created resources specifically for Lent 2021. Join the Journey at


So Be It  |  music bank

A Covenant Prayer
Glenn Memorial UMC Choir performs A Covenant Prayer

I Am Yours (The Wesley Covenant) - Live Acoustic
The Church of the Resurrection offers this live acoustic version of I Am Yours. The chart and lead sheet for "I Am Yours" is below.

O Hidden Savior
North Fayette UMC shares the hymn O Hidden Savior.

So Will I
Chapel Roswell offers the song "So Will I."

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Glenn Memorial UMC shares Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Music Bank from the New England Conference
Two New England Conference Clergy have created a free music bank for Lent and Easter.

SO BE IT  |  Liturgy bank

Covenant Prayer from Conference Youth
Thank you to Dominique, Grace, Jay, Lily, Bo, Anthony, Duke, Lizzie, Kendall, Aricca, Emilia, Maddox, Charlie, Nora, Elijah, Jada, Noah, and Gabrielle for leading us in Wesley's Covenant Prayer.

Litany of the Empty Hands
Rev. Blair Boyd Zant leads us in a Litany of the Empty Hands, a unique way to "come to the table" when we can't be together to celebrate Holy Communion.

Baptismal Remembrance
Rev. Kate Floyd and Rev. Kyle Tau offer a riverside Baptismal Covenant Reaffirmation.

Scripture Reading: Genesis 9:8-17
Rev. Blair Boyd Zant offers a scripture reading for Lent.

Call to Offering
Rev. Blair Zant offers a call to give generously to the offering of your church.  

The Lord's Prayer
Rev. Blair Zant leads us in reciting The Lord's Prayer

Mission and Commission + Blessing
Rev. Blair Zant offers a closing commissioning for virtual worship.

Rev. Blair Zant offers a Benediction for use in virtual worship this Lent.

SO BE IT  |  Sermon bank

Each week of Lent we will share a sermon from a North Georgia Conference clergyperson. Sermons will be available to be used in virtual worship.

Peace of Christ (For the Sunday after Easter)
John 20:19
Rev. Jimmy Moor, retired North Georgia Conference clergy, offers a sermon for the Sunday after Easter.

In the Absence of Thomas (For the Sunday after Easter)
Rev. Sam Halverson of the Center for Congregational Excellence offers a sermon for the Sunday after Easter. 

In Good Hands
Psalm 31
Rev. Dr. Yvette Massey of the Center for Congregational Excellence offers a Palm Sunday sermon on the lectionary text and Wesley's Covenant Prayer. 

All People 
John 12:20-31
Seminary student Mychal Ellis offers a Lenten sermon on Jesus' journey and his desire to draw in all people.

A Mirror of Bronze
Numbers 21:4-9
Rev. Blake Trent of Dallas First UMC offers a Lenten sermon. He asks, "Can we just go back to normal!?!" It's something we have all said during the last year, but is a return to the past really what God wants for us?"

What's in a Name?
Genesis 17:1-7 and 15-16
Rev. John Tomlin of North Fayette UMC offers a sermon. 

Looking for Direction
Genesis 9:8-17
Oh, what we would do for a sign! Rev. Blair Boyd Zant offers a sermon for North Georgia Conference congregations to use in virtual worship this Lenten Season.

SO BE IT  |  Graphics bank

So Be It Graphic 
Download the "So Be It" Graphic below. Right click on the file once it opens to save.

So Be It Animations
Download two options for So Be It animations.

SO BE IT  |  Ideas for personal and group study

Ecumenical Teaching and Preaching
Resources from the ecumenical organization "Churches Uniting in Christ" focus on Lent and Easter 2021.

Worship at Home: Lent 2021
This book, available through Cokesbury, offers this weekly worship services you can do on your own or with others from Ash Wednesday and through Holy Week.

Holy Mischief: Learning Opportunity for Lent
Rev. Shannon Karafanda offers this self paced workshop and learning opportunity for Lent.

Roll Down, Justice - Lenten Study
The General Commission on Religion and Race offers Roll Down Justice, a Lenten Biblical Reflection.


"So Be It" worship resources are available for use by North Georgia United Methodist congregations. Watch and download the music, liturgy and sermon files linked above at