South East District Committees

Nominations Committee/Executive Leadership

Linda Birchall, Chair of District Union

Jenn Byrd, Chair of Board of Laity

Calvin Haney, Chair of Superintendency Committee

Randy Kanipe, Chair of DSGT

Greg Porterfield, DS

John Pike, DCOM Chair

Dana Everhart, Mission Specialist

John Shockley, Lay

District Union

Linda Birchall

Tommy Boyles

Sherry Fulmer

Rick Herring

Mary Edith Kirkland

Greg Porterfield, DS

Dana Everhart, Mission Specialist

Jim Showman

Dan Wilson

District Strategic Growth Team

Jenn Byrd, Lay Leader

Brett DeHart

Steve Dodson

Randy Kanipe, Chair

Jim McCollough

Scott Parrish, Conference Congregational Excellence

Jenny Anderson

Greg Porterfield, DS

Makayla Rittwage

Dana Everhart, Mission Specialist

John Shockley

Lindsey Solomon

Committee on Superintendency

Jenn Byrd, Lay Leader

Vincent Dominique

JoAnn Gilchrist

Calvin Haney

Chris Laskey

Teddie Love

Daryl Morse

David Wofford

District Committee on Ordained Ministry

Brenda Boyd

Bryce Behnke

Dena Brett, BOM Representative

Jenn Byrd

Vincent Dominique

John Donaldson

Anne Hansen

Sandy Heslop

Jim McCollough

Scott Parrish

John Pike, Chair

Makayla Rittwage, Secretary & Registrar

Dana Everhart, Mission Specialist

James Smith

Susan Young


Dana Everhart, Mission Assistant

David Wofford, Assistant

Randy Kanipe, Assistant

John Donaldson, Assistant

Board of Lay Servant Ministry

Darlene Nelson, Director

Bart Grey, Course Instructor

Jenn Byrd, Lay Leader

Kathy Lee

Board of Laity

Jenn Byrd, Lay Leader/Chair

Darlene Nelson, Lay Servant Director

Diane Davies, UMW President

___________, UMM President

Greg Porterfield, DS

Dana Everhart, Mission Specialist

Aaron Talbott, Youth & Young Adults

Conference Representatives

Equitable Compensation- Dana Everhart

Board of Ordained Ministry- Dena Brett, Mac Enfinger, Chris Laskey, Grady Mosley

Housing & Homeless Council- Lindsey Solomon, Judy Teasley

Youth & Young Adult Ministries- Aaron Talbott