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Happy First Week of 2021!  I hope you enjoyed some time of well-deserved rest and relaxation over the Christmas season and are ready for Epiphany’s new vision of hope and joy for the year ahead. 

A friend of mine likes to jokingly say she worries a lot because most of the things she worries over usually do not come to pass.  That may be one way to look at it; but another is that our worry is an easy distraction from the vision God has for our life.  There is plenty we can worry about, but when you reflect on what you were worried about this time last year, was it truly worth the emotional and spiritual energy?

Matthew’s gospel gives us the story of magi who came from the east to Jerusalem looking for a newborn.  Most modern translations of Matthew 2:10 merely say, When they saw the star, they were filled with joy, but earlier biblical translations seem to bend over backwards describing how they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy! It was something stupendously wonder-full, amazing, glorious, and radiant beyond the power of words to express in that moment when the soul of a common child was revealed as heaven on earth, God’s love among us, waking up as a toddler from his nap.  The magi’s wisdom was in embracing the joy and wonder of God’s new thing, Emmanuel.  Letting go of worry for the past and concern for the future, they were free to rejoice exceedingly with great joy, to see and respond to the gift right in front of them.

That is also the wisdom of the Wesley Covenant Prayer Bishop Sue invites us to pray each day of 2021.  It encourages us to the devotion of less worry, more dreaming, letting all our concerns go so our actions can be shaped by wonder, joy, and trust.  …I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal…O Glorious and blessed God…Thou art mine, and I am thine. So be it.
What are you most anticipating personally in 2021?  What exciting new ministry opportunities are springing up in your community? Know that I am here to help you and all our congregations hear and respond to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. 
Whatever the new year brings, God will be with us, and that is cause for more joy, more wonder, and less worry!
Blessings for this Joyful New Year,


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