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South West Reports Due

Ministry Review Forms

Ministry Review (clergy evaluation) forms for all appointed pastors in the SouthWest District are due October 10.  Separate forms should be completed in Data Services by the pastor and the SPR Committee Chair.  Pastors should begin to schedule these evaluation meetings with their SPR Committees. 

When the pastor/SPR chair log into Data Services and enter the information for a new form, the correct one will populate, based on the pastors status (elder, deacon, local pastor, etc.)  Please note that there is a separate form for Pastors who are serving in their first year of an appointment.  This is one form to be completed by the pastor and the SPRC, jointly. Below are blank copies of all forms that pastors and SPR Chairs can review in preparation for the evaluation meeting with the pastor.

Elders, Self-Review Form

Deacons, Self-Review Form

Local Pastors, Self-Review Form (PT & FT)

SPRC Review form for Elders

SPRC Review form for Deacons

SPRC Review form for Local Pastor (part time & full time)

Review for Pastor AND SPRC in first year of an appointment

Retired pastors serving an appointment, should select the form for their status prior to retirement - elder, local pastor, etc.
Provisional Members should select the status that they are working towards - elder or deacon.

Instructions for Clergy Review Forms

Instructions for SPR Review Forms

Charge Conference

Charge Conferences for 2022 will once again be conducted via Zoom.  They will be held in groups on Sunday afternoons, beginning Sunday, October 23 and run for 3 consecutive weeks.  Click here for the schedule.  

All paperwork for Charge Conferences must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the conference.  Most forms are in Data Services, but there are a few items that will need to be submitted to the District Office.  Below are related Charge Conference documents:

2022 Charge Conference Checklist

2022 Charge Conference Instructions

Parsonage Inspection Report

A Charge Conference Workshop is being offered on Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30.  You may attend in person at the district office or via Zoom.  Please register with Denise in the district office at southwest@ngumc.net or 770-227-1074.

Move Input Forms

Move input forms are due to the district office no later than November 15 from every appointed pastor and every SPR Committee.  Forms have been emailed to all pastors and can be accessed below.  Paper copies can be submitted by email, mail or deliver to the district office.

Ministerial Appointment Preference Form

SPR Appointment Preference Form

Vital Signs

 Good news everyone…Vital Signs is becoming an ‘in house’ metric for North Georgia.  In the past, Vital Signs have been reported to a UM Denomination Platform, but as things transition (due a lot to pandemic and conference staff shifts) the conference has developed a Vital Signs reporting system in the conference database through Data Services, effective  July 1, 2021.  Below is a link to a video that will explain the process:


Pastors, please be sure that you are someone is completing this weekly form in Data Services!