South West Reports Due

End of Year Reports

It’s that time of year again, time to begin working on information for the End of Year Report!  Every church must submit these reports online through Data Services by January 31, 2022, (the earlier, the better!).  You can go to the conference website now and print blank copies of the forms ( ) to aid in gathering the required information.  The system will open on Wednesday, January 12 for input.

The SouthWest District has put together a Statistician Team of pastors who are available to assist with the End of Year Reports, led by District Statistician, Rev. Skip Mitchell.  Pastor’s will be receiving that information before the end of the year.  The district is also offering a workshop on Tuesday, January 11 at 6:00pm to review the process for completing reports.  Any clergy or laity involved in the completion of the reports is invited to participate in the workshop, either in person at the District Office or by Zoom.   Contact Denise to make a reservation (770-227-1074 or 

Clergy Evaluations (Ministry Reviews)

All Part Time Local Pastors who fall under the care of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry must complete a Clergy and SPR Evaluation through Data Services by February 28, 2022.  Part Time Local Pastors will meet with DCOM in March (see schedule below).  Copies of the evaluation forms are below to be used in preparation for completing the online forms.

Clergy Evaluation Form

SPR Evaluation Form

DCOM Schedules for Part Time Local Pastors

All clergy EXCEPT Part Time Local Pastors, must submit a Clergy and SPR Evaluation through Data Services by September 28.  Below are blank copies of the reports to use in preparation for completing the online forms.  Elders, Deacons, and Provisional Elders will meet with the DS in October for evaluations. (See schedule below)

Clergy Evaluation Form

SPR Evaluation Form

The Conference has put together instructions for both clergy and SPRC's for completing these forms through Data Services. The instruction sheets can be downloaded below:

Instructions for Clergy Ministry Reviews in Data Services

Instructions for SPRC Ministry Reviews in Data Services


Vital Signs

 Good news everyone…Vital Signs is becoming an ‘in house’ metric for North Georgia.  In the past, Vital Signs have been reported to a UM Denomination Platform, but as things transition (due a lot to pandemic and conference staff shifts) the conference has developed a Vital Signs reporting system in the conference database through Data Services, effective  July 1, 2021.  Below is a link to a video that will explain the process:

Pastors, please be sure that you are someone is completing this weekly form in Data Services!