Special Offering 2017: Ministerial Education Fund



Please give generously to the the 2017 Annual Conference Special Offering: The Ministerial Education Fund.

About the Offering

Churches are invited to collect the offering any time before Annual Conference 2017, but many choose the first Sunday in June, June 4, 2017. One person from each local church will present a check from their church during the Service of Remembrance on Wednesday, June 14, at 2 p.m.

Make checks payable to the North Georgia Conference and note Fund #1147 - Annual Conference Special Offering, Ministerial Education Fund.

About MEF

The Ministerial Education Fund has helped thousands of men and women become pastoral leaders in The United Methodist Church. Chances are seminary students from your congregation or the pastor of your church was a recipient of MEF. It is nurtured and funded by United Methodists to provide scholarships to seminary and undergraduate students, course-of-study for local pastors, and license to preach school.

Aligning with the theme of the 2017 Annual Conference, "Show Your Work: Worship That Inspires Action," this fund is one way United Methodists can show our support to those called to serve as clergy. Together we can help minimize debt of North Georgia United Methodists beginning in ministry.

MEF is a general church apportioned fund of which 25 percent is retained by our conference. But 100 percent of the giving to the Annual Conference Special Offering will go to United Methodist seminary and course of study students in the North Georgia Conference. 


Show or share the video linked below with your congregation!

MEF Offering Video