Special Offering Sundays


(G) Human Relations Day - January: Second Sunday

(NGA) Homeless Offering - February: Last Sunday

(G) UMCOR Sunday - 4th Sunday in Lent

(G) Native American Awareness - April: Third Sunday

(NGA) Wesley Woods - May: Mother's Day

(G) Peace with Justice - May: Third Sunday

(NGA) Annual Conference Special Offering - June: First Sunday

(NGA) Murphy-Harpst - July: Third Sunday

(NGA) Golden Cross - August: Third Sunday

(NGA) Wellroot - September: Third Sunday

(G) World Communion - October: First Sunday

(NGA) Aldersgate Homes - October: Fourth Sunday

(G) United Methodist Student Day - November: Last Sunday

(G) AIDS Awareness - December: First Sunday



(G) = Set by General Conference 

(NGA) = Specific to North Georgia Conference