Spiritual Life Retreats

2020 DATES

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Weekend 1: March 13-15

Weekend 2: March 20-22

Weekend 3: March 27-29


2020 Spiritual Life Retreats

Wouldn't it be great to have a quality weekend retreat where you could trust the content, spend time with your youth (instead of worrying about the setup of the next session), and come back with a group of youth and adults who are stronger and more capable than when they left? 

The upcoming Spiritual Life Retreats will strengthen your youth ministry and allow you and your adult leaders some much-needed quality time with your youth while our staff takes on the responsibility of the setup, take down, and running of the weekend.

The theme of the upcoming Spiritual Life Retreats at Glisson Camping and Retreat Center is "Run the Race," centering around our continuing journey of faith - the roadblocks and how we can overcome them, the crowd of witnesses who cheer us on, and the One who runs the race with us. We'll learn the strength of God's kingdom above anything we can find in the world today and celebrate our diversity and especially the good news which holds us together through one spirit.

Mark your calendar for the retreat and start promoting it with your group.

Spiritual Life Retreats happen every spring in North Georgia on three different weekends. Each year these retreats attract more than 1000 youth and adult leaders from all over the North Georgia ConferenceThe three weekends in 2020 are March 13-15, March 20-22, and March 27-29.  The weekends are identical in content, though the bands and speakers change each weekend.

Groups can register for any weekend and be assured of a quality retreat designed with the purpose of enriching the opportunities of spiritual growth for its participants and making your church ministry thrive. The retreats are designed and led by other youth and adult leaders in the conference, offering another level of leadership development to youth in the conference. In fact, if you wish to encourage some of your high school youth or college age (or adults) to serve on staff they should go to https://www.ngumc.org/servingonstaffatretreats.

Cost for a weekend is $150 per person, but if you register and pay by January 10, 2020, you can save $15 per person. That covers four meals, lodging for two nights, all program costs, a t-shirt, some training opportunities for your team of adults, and an amazing time with your group. Above are the links for each of the three SLR 2020 weekends. They  are setup for 400 participants each weekend with the option for each group to add Alpine/Swing, Zipline, or High Elements (High V and Giant's Ladder) at an additional charge. The minimum deposit is $30/participant (non-refundable) and is required online to complete a reservation of spots for the group.

(Note: When registering during the early bird time...before January 10th...when initially booking the spots, the price will display for the full cost of $150, but the discount will display at the end upon checkout.)

Please Note:  All checks should be made payable to Camp Glisson and mailed to:

Camp Glisson
690 Camp Glisson Road
Dahlonega, GA  30533

If you have any questions or concerns about registration please email Caroline Hale
caroline@ngcrm.org or you may call the Camp Glisson office at 706-864-6181.

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Event Policies, Terms, and Conditions



Serving on SLR Staff:

Do you want to be a part of the staff? This is a great opportunity to get some of your youth who are ready to take the next step into leadership to experience planning and carrying out retreat leadership. Your church will benefit from this experience as your youth are matched with a team for one or all three weekends. Apply here



Held at Glisson Camp and Retreat Center in Dahlonega, Ga, Spiritual Life Retreats are sponsored by the North Georgia Conference Youth Ministries for youth 12 to 18 years old. There are three retreat weekends offered, and each one has the same basic content.

Youth groups of any size may register; chaperones of the same gender must register at the ratio of at least one adult to 6 youth. 

The weekends are stocked full of spiritual nurturing that will help stimulate growth in your and your youth group’s faith journeys. Worship, small groups, fun and games, experiential activities and much more will grow your faith as you join in building a lasting connection with other youth groups from across the conference. 

Make sure you download the important paperwork and check out any other necessary information under "What do I need to know?" (below).

What do I need to know?